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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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vacation interlude
It looks like Kentucky will be having a White Christmas. For that matter, so will parts of Texas.

The woman behind the American Airlines counter said that the 5:07pm was already cancelled when she called in before 12:30pm this afternoon. No word on why we weren't notified abou the cancellation. No word on why reservations didn't book us on the next flight. No word on why the computer and the telephone information line still claimed, around 3pm, that the flight was on-time. Flar is not impressed with American's performance in the face of bad weather -- no, we don't expect them to fly when it's not safe, but damn, they could at least tell us they cancelled the flight, or give us seats on the next one. We won't even talk about meal vouchers or hotel vouchers. Sigh.

On the other hand, we made the drive to Louisville when the conditions were still relatively safe, attempting to get here soon enough to stand by for the earlier flight.

We're staying in a Comfort Inn on Preston Highway, near the airport. We've got a distressed traveler rate -- $35, so we're still ahead of what we would have spent to fly out of LEX to begin with.

Watching Riddick, reading LJ on dialup, then getting up for a 6:50am flight.

Oh, did I mention that Bébé and Scarlett have opted to stay in the hotel tonight, too? There's a Subway within walking distance, so Critter hiked over to pick us up dinner. I ate "with the grownups" watching the weather channel, while Flar ate with the boys, watching Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.

It's not the originally planned vacation, but it's pretty and restful, and vacation none-the-less. Tomorrow we spend who-knows-how-long to get to Texas. Here's hoping we don't have any more cancelled flights...

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yeah, you'd think they'd tell you about something like a cancelled flight! :p
Glad you made it to L'ville, though! Shipped out your prezzies today, and they should be in KY before Xmas (and hopefully you won't still be!) Still trying to get the massager used on me - once you'd mentioned it, I remember seeing an amethyst one (and thinking of you!)

enjoy your 'vacation' - at least there's internet!

You can kind of use it yourself on your neck...

We're kicking back and relaxing here at Mom and Dad's.

I'll look forward to opening my package when I get home. :)

Gaucha's package arrived yesterday - only $8 and it got to Brazil before Christmas. Yay!

Sorry about your flights and all.

We were watching TV and I remarked to Blues and Par "I wonder if Minikin and all made it out of L'ville?" They assured me you were all fine.

I logged into LJ and of course, see that you are indeed fine, but not where you intended to be.

Hope your journeying is better tomorrow. And at least it isn't ice...

Yep. We were delayed in our travels, but we were, in fact, quite fine. Flar's dad waited for us at the airport, so we didn't have to wait for a hotel shuttle when we found out our flight was cancelled. We got a bonus stay in a hotel as part of our vacation - one night is a fun adventure - and then we got to Granmommy's and Grandaddy's house safe and sound.

Our plane was delayed getting off the ground in Louisville, but we made our connection to San Antonio with about 10 minutes to spare. On the first flight, I sat next to one of the five or six babies on the plane -- the one who was good natured and played, rather then one of the few who screamed. Weird that *my* seat partner was the baby with an ear infection. Must have been good drugs. ;)

I was talking to an A300 captain friend last night, and he said that Abilene was getting snowed in. That almost never happens. :-}

The weather is pretty freaky for this area. I'm usually concerned about figuring out cool enough pjs, not the other way around...

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