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After bowling today, I made two sweet potato casseroles, glazed carrots and cranberry fluff; ran and folded three loads of laundry; cleared off the massage table; and sorted and wrapped presents.

Most of it while I was knitting the front to Tigger's sweater. Critter was my primary remote unit, although Tigger was an important auxiliary unit.

The day in very quick recap:

Got up, wrapped four presents, bagged up potluck fare and drinks, then took Tigger with me to pick up LaDonna and go to the bowling alley. The Sleepyheads are currently in seventh place, but we were handed four points today as an early Christmas present. In the gift exchange, I got the gift that Spydie brought, which was a carousel picture frame that holds 8 wallet-sized photos in four spinning frames. Tigger, who paced with us, enjoyed spinning them. Grace showed up - she hasn't been bowling because of a back injury - and brought presents. This is my year to print pictures - Grace bought me a photo album for 4x6 prints, with a binding in purple and animal print. Spydie's Blue was there, as was a bowler by the name of Blue who hasn't bowled this year because his wife has been ill (dizzy). Spydie liked the calendar I bought her in Brazil, especially the Portuguese abbreviation for Friday: Sex.

In all, bowling was a right enjoyable holiday party.

When we got home, Critter and Tigger helped me get more accomplished than was humanly possible for Just One Housewife, and we got to Knight and Ro's at the previously agreed-upon time. Yay!

We opened presents before dinner. Knight and Ro got us a family gift: a DVD-Recorder and VCR combination unit. Knight picks good stuff, so I'm sure this is a really good component to go with the Big Screen TV that Flar has decided we are getting ourselves for a family gift. Flar gave me a good bottle of Merlot, wrapped in a gift certificate for a romantic steak dinner and movie at home in January after we get the new TV. He also gave me Jamisson's chocolate and the latest Anita Blake novel. Critter gave me a book filled with captioned Cat Pictures ala My Cat Hates You dot Com. Tigger gave me a soft squishy stuffed animal, and some very precious things that he made at school. When I get home from Texas, I shall type here the text of "When I Grow Up With You" that he wrote and framed (matted) for me at school. He also gave me a ceramic box that he made, and a sled team of oragami construction.

Dinner was a feast. Ro made a delicious roast ham, mashed potatoes, shellie beans and pumpkin pie for dessert. We brought the sweet potato casseroles, carrots and cranberry fluff. The food was of the tasty variety that makes it hard for me to push away before I stuff myself. mmmmmm. Flar scurried home after dinner, to talk to Gaucha before bedtime, promising me that he would be available until 1am to help me pack. The boys and I stayed over to watch I, Robot with Ro and Knight. I snoozed a little through it, which served me in good stead for staying up pack and make the ribbing on the front of Tigger's sweater.

Tomorrow, I'll shower, pack my bathroom and electronics stuff, then knit while using the remote units to pack the car, clean the kitchen, and make traveling cookies.

Our flight is at 5:07 pm, out of Louisville. Bébé is driving us, in my car. Assuming that all goes well with our flights, we'll arrive in San Antonio at 8:13pm local time.

I'm not bringing my computer, but I'll have access to Mom's desktop and Critter's laptop, so I'll be online irregularly while we're gone. Likelihood is high that this is my last look online for at least 24 hours, however.

In case I don't get back online before then, Merry Christmas, the winter holiday that I celebrate, to all of you in whatever manner you celebrate the season.

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