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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Done working until after Christmas...

We got a new time clock at work. We log in using the last four digits of our SSN, and it says "IN" or "OUT" and summarizes how much time we've worked on the display. Beats the old library-style manual stamper all to bits.

I made amazing time in traffic this evening. Left the house in time to pick up Flar's laundry, and ended up at Wolfwitch's before she did. But I found a useful purpose for a holiday wreath. :)

Then I made it over to Random, earlier than I'd expected. Jeshua was watching SG-1, and I ended up staying until it was over, before scooting to work. LaDonna and Demariana liked their presents, and they gave me three skeins of very soft, textured yarn. It's a nifty color, and more than enough for a nice roomy sweater. I've just gotta pick a likely pattern. :)

At work, Zee gave me a box of Russell Stover's sugar free candy. A nifty gift made especially neat by the choice of candy - an almond toffee candy, similar to Almond Roca. My parents have given me Almond Roca in my Christmas stocking since we lived in California. There was also a gift box of cheese, summer sausage and crackers for me, which will be part of my contribution to the holiday buffet at Scarlett's on New Year's day.

I forgot to wrap presents for bowling, so I'm doing that before I make my way to bed.

There's just something about wrapping late at night in my family. :)