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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Ring ting a ling
Sausage Balls are done - made 'em with Hot Jimmy Dean's and Carbquick; grated up all the misc. blocks of cheese in the house for these and..

half the quichelettes in the oven. Broccoli cheese quiche bites, and Ham ones to follow.

That takes care of today's cooking - tomorrow I make two sweet potato casseroles, glazed carrots and cranberry fluff.

Now to wrap.

Seeing Random and Wolfwitch on the way to work tonight, so I've their prezzies and the ones for Grace and Prez and Spydie and the bowling exchange gift to wrap.

Then I get to knit until time for work.

Sorted and folded two loads of clean laundry this morning, and put one basket of clothes away. Laundry proceeds apace.

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Must... do... laundry... tonight. Ugh. :)

I'm down to the loads that aren't clothes, and therefore are technically optional at this point. Yay!

When you make sausage balls with real sausage, do you use raw or cooked sausage? Since the sausage crumbles are basically the frozen version of cooked sausage, I wasn't sure, but was assuming raw sausage. I don't know that I'll ever actually make them with real sausage, but it's something I'd like to know. :)

I make them with raw sausage, and to make the vegetarian variety, I have to use a very specific brand that has the consistency (ie, rather sticky) of raw, loaf sausage. It's the sausage that holds the things together, and sausage crumbles don't stick together.

In a very unusual occurrence, I actually remembered to put my rings back on, on the very same day that I made sausage balls. I have to take them off, as the only way I know to get a uniform consistency, and then to form the balls, involves getting my hands all in the sticky mess. It also means getting a helper (today, Tigger helped) standing by to add bisquick (or carbquik, as I used today) after my hands are sticky.

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