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Looking forward to Christmas

Whee. Christmas is coming, and I'm looking forward to it, rather than dreading it (in terms of wanting more time to Get Things Done, like I often do).

This morning we woke up to a cold, snowy day. Flar was sweet enough to drive Critter and me to church, but he ran errands instead of attending service with us. The God Project as a whole returned $39,000 from the initial $10,000 investment. I turned my $20 investment into $138.93, so Critter pointed out to me that I did better than average. For that, I have my very generous mother to thank, and my decision to donate to the God Project for some Christmas present projects that I have planned.

At home, my priority was continuing the laundry, cleaning off the kitchen table, and updating paperwork. I found out, via going through the mail, that we haven't yet received our December 10 bank statement. Mail has been running a tad late on local delivery, so I'm not too worried. Flar and I went through all his checks and deposits, and he clarified some other changes, then I went to work posting the bills. I just printed out nine checks to mail tomorrow. Next, I'll print out the register to review with Flar tomorrow, to decide what other bills to pay before we leave for Texas.

I'd hoped to start knitting Tigger's sweater today, but I took longer to work on bills than originally planned. Around 4, Bébé called to see if it would be okay for he and Scarlett to come over for a visit after dinner. Now, we were originally thinking of going to a movie with Knight and Ro, but we're seeing them for dinner and Christmas Tuesday night, and they're joining us at my parents' in Texas. So I told Bébé that would be fine, and why didn't they join us for a light dinner? Then I switched to multi-tasking in the kitchen. I finished entering receipts and opening bills. Then I prepped all the ingredients for Peanut Butter Stew (including calling Bébé back to ask them to bring spinach), and posted bills during the "simmer for 10 minutes" breaks in the stew recipe.

They actually came over a little earlier than we talked about on the phone, but it was totally okay! It was like Knight and Ro or Demariana just stepping into the chaos and being right at home. :) Scarlett was wearing jeans and sneakers (I hadn't even imagined she owned any), and she played with the dogs and claimed she didn't mind them jumping and everything. After they jumped all over her, they settled down on the floor of the kitchen. Scarlett sliced some of the spinach they brought for the stew, while I cooked and they chatted with me, and sat on the almost clean side of the kitchen table. I fixed hot chocolate from cocoa on the stove, and served it with marshmallows and oops-forgot-the-splenda-unsweetened whipped cream, and then Peanut Butter Stew with toasted pumpernickel (originally purchased for Curls' birthday last year, and kept frozen since then, so only fit for toasting and soup-dipping).

After dinner, we curled up on the couch under blankets, and enjoyed more chatting. I'm beginning to feel more comfortable around Scarlett. It helps that Mom told me that she feels really shy about meeting all of us. And tonight made me way more comfortable with her -- it's not just anyone who can step into a messy, chaotic house and just fit right in.

Now I'm sitting in a freshly roomba'd kitchen, with the water running the sink to defend against the cold tonight. The jacuzzi room is battened down, with rugs against the bottoms of the doors, and the dogs tucked into their crate. Tomorrow I've not too much paperwork to do, relatively simple laundry to move along, and fun stuff: present wrapping and knitting. I'm going over to see Random on my way to work in the evening, and I can't remember if I talked to Wolfwitch about possibly dropping by her direction.

Tuesday I have bowling in the morning, with the holiday party and gift exchage, then we pack, have dinner with Knight and Ro, and exchange presents.

Wednesday we fly to Texas.

Feeling all optimistic and holiday cheery. :)

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