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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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(no subject)
Late night, as planned.

I only worked three hours before coming home to sleep.

The baptism service at church was awesome. Each dunkee gave their testimony, and a support person read scripture and gave encouragement, before the actual dunking. Nifty keen. I don't remember nearly so much talking when I was baptized (way back when I was 6).

I didn't sell anything I brought to church tonight for the God Project, but I received a number of compliments on them. I did buy a candle in a jar and oatmeal-raisin bars in a jar (the dry ingredients, layered artistically in a jar, for making cookies). When I dropped off Berry and Geste, she let me use their computer to list the items on ebay. Tomorrow, I'll add pictures to the listings, and any other suggestions I get to spiff them up.

While I was imaging processing at work tonight, I figured out how much extra yarn I have that can be return for refund at Wal-mart, Michael's and JoAnn's. Even if the sweater and ponchos don't sell at all, I've got a nice return for the church. :) Tonight, Critter suggested that I could continue making projects to sell on Ebay for offering money for the church. I kind of like that idea, although I intend to honor my promise to Flar to make January a house-cleaning month.

Today, I finished my Christmas shopping, with a final order placed by phone for my dad's present. I also shipped Gaucha's present, and bought a shipping envelope for Tigger's present for a friend. (I left the actual address at home. *pout*)

Then I made a yummy hamburger stroganoff before leaving for church. South Beach friendly -- I made it from ground sirloin, onion, beef boullion, not-enough-Worchestershire-dregs, mushrooms, whole wheat fettucini and reduced fat sour cream.


sleep in
return yarn at three stores
mail the package for Tigger (but I can use the self-serve now)
wrap packages

Next knitting project: Tigger's orange sweater - for which I learn intarsia on the machine.

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Was the testimony personal to each person, or was it from a script? When I got baptized (at the ripe old age of around 12-13, maybe even older, I don't remember actually), there was a standard line we were each supposed to say (probably something along the lines of "I accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior"). No scripture reading from a support person, and I lost my balance when the minister dunked me. :P

Each person told their personal story of how they were led to Christ. The pastor asked each of them at least one question, but even that wasn't the same for each person. At the actual dunking, the pastor invoked the trinity, but he didn't use a set phrase each time for that either. I mean, not nearly so simple as "in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit." More like, "God the father who loves you and pursued you, His son who has cleansed you, and the Holy Spirit who lives inside you now." type of stuff.

Twas cool.

I was only six when I was baptized; I was barely taller than the water level..

Interesting that baptism wasn't on Sunday. Ours was always sceduled for the 3rd Sunday of the month so you could take communion which was always on the 4th Sunday. I don't remember what was said ( I was under age 10) all I was doing was concentrating on holding my breath cause the preacher didn't believe in you holding your nose.

I think baptism was a once-a-month thing, as needed (or maybe they waited til they had a certain amount) at the church I grew up in. We got baptized and had first communion on the same day (yep, that meant changing clothes and hopefully drying your hair if someone remembered a hair dryer, and getting back to the service pronto). We each had our own little hankies to give to the preacher, who put them over our faces (think chloriforming someone);) as we got dunked.

I got baptized on Christmas eve, btw. I don't think they usually do communion on Christmas eve, but I think they did that time, since there were people to be baptized (but I could be remembering wrong and first communion was the following Sunday). I do know I had to do the "get dried off and dressed really fast" thing so I could sit up front with everyone else who got baptized (all kids 8 and under, except for me and one adult who wanted to get baptized again in her new church).

Quest's Wednesday night service is a more in-depth study of the bible, except for once a month when it is the baptism service. And, the baptism service is the WHOLE service, the testimonies and encouragements and words from the pastor serving as the entire message. It was a very powerful message for me, but then listening to others tell their personal journey to Christ has always affected me strongly.

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