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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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(no subject)
Went to bed late last night, after working 5 hours.

By the end of today, I've:

Sent email (or IMed) everyone I shipped gifts to today:
Cinder, Turnip, Hippychicx, Envoy, Belmikey&Pixel, Curls and Grumpycougar.

Checked the tracking numbers and found one lacking info, thus far.

Run the Roomba in the kitchen and jacuzzi room.

Made two ponchos and finished the cardigan to sell for the God Project.

Made plans to meet Berry tomorrow to go to Quest together for the Wednesday service.

Wrapped gifts that are being exchanged tomorrow.

Shopped for Critter and Tigger and a needy family. (I have one present left to order by phone, and one to pick up when I'm not shopping with Knight.)

Brought home extra snacks and juice and the chess sets from Chess Club, to take to the tournament on Saturday.

Updated the checkbook and printed a report for Flar.

Enjoyed the beautiful "snow globe" flakes of snow blowing around today, and disappearing on all but the very coldest surfaces.

Been to Wal-Mart twice, because I forgot about the cheese dip when I made the big trip.

Spent the last of my Christmas Cash.

Found out that Bébé finally gave Scarlett her engagement ring, to make the engagement official.

Tomorrow's Plans:

Morning - clean kitchen, organize laundry room, jacuzzi top, and laundry.
Noon - Holiday luncheon at work
Post office - mail Gaucha's package and a gift that Tigger is sending a friend
Pickup Tigger
Possibly knit a scarf or two more
Meet Berry, go to the Baptism service at Quest, possibly sell my remaining God Project inventory, go to work.


Later than tonight, but I hope, earlier than last night.


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extra trip to WalMart - I am BAD!
and since I know part of what you're sending me, I though something completely different whan I saw IMed (Ok, it would have probably been iMed, but still; I found it funny)

love you

heh. Part of being up late was finding you online for a brief email exchange...

I should have remembered the cheese dip - don't know why I forgot. Heh, if you weren't reimbursing me for the cheese dip it would have been filed in my Christmas present register in my brain, and quite possibly I'd have remembered it. ;)

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