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Briefly, today and tomorrow

Knight treated me to a matinee of National Treasure today. Fun to be picked up for a date; fun to play hookie from housework for a movie; a fun romp of a movie. I've decided that Jon Voight is the actor that I kept thinking Donald Rumsfeld looks like.

Lessee, finished another scarf for my mom; ran a few more loads of laundry; worked over 5 hours tonight.

Timothy put candy in our shoes for a modest celebration of Festival of Lights tonight; tomorrow is the first night of Hannukah. Since we're going to be in transit between Chess Club and the Kentucky Christmas Sing-A-Long, I'm thinking of combining the Hannukah prayers with grace over fast-food dinner in the Civic Center food court...

Tomorrow looks to be busy:
  • Pickup (possibly Knight and) LaDonna
  • Bowling - find out the suggested amount for the holiday gift exchange
  • Home for lunch, then as many errands as I can fit in:
    • Pickup (or order) Flar's 2005 calendar at Leather Inc
    • Pickup a pair of hairsticks to share with Gaucha (we each only use one stick, typically)
    • Pickup a bowling exchange gift and Hannukah candles at BB&B
    • Pop into the mall for something for Ro
  • Chess Club - Berry is dropping off Geste at 5:30
  • Dinner at the Civic Center Food Court
  • The Kentucky Christmas Sing-A-Long
I doubt I'll have any energy to spare at the end of such a day, but I've plenty of work at home if I do.

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