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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Briefly, today and tomorrow
Knight treated me to a matinee of National Treasure today. Fun to be picked up for a date; fun to play hookie from housework for a movie; a fun romp of a movie. I've decided that Jon Voight is the actor that I kept thinking Donald Rumsfeld looks like.

Lessee, finished another scarf for my mom; ran a few more loads of laundry; worked over 5 hours tonight.

Timothy put candy in our shoes for a modest celebration of Festival of Lights tonight; tomorrow is the first night of Hannukah. Since we're going to be in transit between Chess Club and the Kentucky Christmas Sing-A-Long, I'm thinking of combining the Hannukah prayers with grace over fast-food dinner in the Civic Center food court...

Tomorrow looks to be busy:
  • Pickup (possibly Knight and) LaDonna
  • Bowling - find out the suggested amount for the holiday gift exchange
  • Home for lunch, then as many errands as I can fit in:
    • Pickup (or order) Flar's 2005 calendar at Leather Inc
    • Pickup a pair of hairsticks to share with Gaucha (we each only use one stick, typically)
    • Pickup a bowling exchange gift and Hannukah candles at BB&B
    • Pop into the mall for something for Ro
  • Chess Club - Berry is dropping off Geste at 5:30
  • Dinner at the Civic Center Food Court
  • The Kentucky Christmas Sing-A-Long
I doubt I'll have any energy to spare at the end of such a day, but I've plenty of work at home if I do.

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Curious...why not leave the Chanukah celebration until you get home? The only limitation on when the candles can be lit other than "after sundown" (because of how a Jewish "day" is defined) is on Shabbat, when you light Chanukah candles before Shabat candles.

I've promised Cayne his first real Chanukah here. He's got some presents, which are hidden away (he knows they're coming but not what they are) and I took out the chanukiot tonight. There are dreidels and the makings for latkes and all the important things.

We celebrate the holiday for TImothy. We are not Jewish, but Timothy wants to celebrate the holiday. The Sing-a-Long lasts until 9pm, which is already an hour past his bedtime as it is. I fully expect him to be too sleepy when we get home.

But, I appreciate your suggestion, and I think that we'll say the prayers at dinner, and then I'll repeat them and light the candles when I'm home. I think Timothy would like that, even if he's too sleepy to participate.

We don't buy presents for Hannukah typically, but I usually pick up chocolates for us to play with dreidels. We can do that at dinnertime. :)

My family stopped doing gifts for Chanukah years ago, unless we happened to see something that was so perfect for my mother or father, in which case we bought that. I felt like it was important for Cayne and I to try and experiment with what would work for us, so that if/when we have children around, we've had some time to figure out what our family traditions will be. This year we set a limit of N dollars and said "spend that much on two or three smaller gifts." We'll see how it works out, and continue to try out things until we know what works for us.

We used to play dreidel with M&Ms when I was young. Unfortunately that also meant that sometimes you ate your pieces before the game ended. I also impressed a woman a few weeks ago when I spun a dreidel upside down-that was Dad's trick when we were kids and I was so excited when I learned to do it myself.

I'm not looking forward to having to clean up the wax from last year that still is stuck to my stuff...I must not have done a good job last year.

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