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Just tonight; eventually I'll do more than catch up on LJ and post a short update. ;)

I'm ahead of the laundry, in that all the clean laundry is folded, and the dirty laundry is sorted into categories to wash, and no longer underfoot.

I made my goal of being able to see the kitchen table, but no check appeared in the mail, and I've a thick stack of bills and receipts to post in Quicken.

I actually got to knit tonight, and have finished one of the six or so scarves that Mom bought the yarn for me to make. I've a generous backlog of yarn now, and need to put God Project higher in the time priority queue.

Before church this morning, I cleared out the refrigerator. This meant I knew what produce we needed, for shopping after church. Knight and Ro joined Critter and I at church this morning, then ate lunch with us afterwards.

I stayed in the rest of the day, mostly working on laundry and knitting, with a small bit of tidying the family room and sorting out the kitchen table thrown in for good measure.

Flar's been done with a particularly nasty bit of tendonitis that flared up soon after we got back to the states. He got to stay off of it all weekend, and is much improved. We're keeping the jacuzzi open for now, as it seems to help. Which means I folded laundry in the family room. There are baskets of clean clothes in there, ready for me to put away tomorrow.

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