Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Mais do Brazil

For a narrative, see roina_arwen's journal; I don't appear to be be up to that.

This morning I cried. There are still tears to reach, deep down, when it's safe and I won't be hurt by them. Knight woke me. I struggle to find passion now, when it's the right time. Instead it springs on me unawares and marks me "not better." For now, all is happy and calm.

The apartment in Rio is very relaxing. There is a pool. There is a gas stove and microwave and blender. Flar and Gaucha stocked the fridge, and Flar even bought me an omelet pan and a cupcake pan. I forgot to ask for a spatula.

Our departure from São Paulo was an exercise in hurry up and wait. Flar was working until the last possible minute -- his norm. We packed up a bunch of stuff to leave at the hotel, and the rest to take with us to Rio. There was heavy traffic to the airport, but we managed to get through the checkin and security line to arrive at the gate with almost 5 minutes to spare. Once on the place, Flar was able to relax a bit. He's still working on winding down.

Last night Flar smoked a cuban with his caipirinha, and we all got to see what a stoned Flar is like. On the upside, that meant lots of goodies from the grocery. ;)

The salon day was relaxing, although I prefer the concept of one staying in a robe a bit longer - something lost in the transfer from one salon to the next. I enjoy massage, but I still rate the pedicure as the most important part of the spa experience for me. I like having happy toes.

Right now, the empregadas are here, cleaning and tidying. I'm thinking of dipping in the pool to cool off; maybe taking a resin chair and my book in with me.

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