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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Still alive, No Brazil
Heh. In Portuguese, no means "in" and não, pronounced "now" means "no".

I'm finding that I can communicate very basic thoughts with those who do not speak English at all, and help out the conversation with those whose English is as limited as my Portuguese. All in all, it's adding a reasonable level of puzzle challenge to my vacation, and not as daunting as I'd feared.

Sadly, my communication skills in English fell apart on Saturday night, after we attended a play. Right on clockwork, with the 16th day of my cycle, when my body is producing whatever amount of progesterone it does, I fell apart. Again. Worse than my reaction was Flar's reaction to me. "I thought you were better." Like it's that simple. Hey, it seems that simple most of the time. If he follows through on a hard-fought promise, late that evening, we will be going to counseling together.

Why is it, that Knight can offer comfort and support without question, but Flar consistly reacts with anger? I hope to learn to control these outbreaks better, but I also hope to not be faced with ultimatums for any missed step.

Meanwhile, I've successfully handled big city, sunny outside walks, etc. etc. - things that Flar identifies as stress points for me.

Sunday we went to an art fair in one of the city parks. I was able to find wonderful Christmas gifts, for a list that I made in advance. Predictably, at some point the buying started breaking down into "I'll decide later" as regards recipients. Today, when we had little planned, I was planning my own accounting. Instead, I had a three hour nap with Knight. ;) Vacations are for sleeping.

Monday, Ro and I shopped with Gaucha. She took us to a very crowded street with lots of wholesale shops that also allow retail, sometimes with a minimum purchase. We found many craft shops, toy stores, brick-a-brack, clothing, and fabrics. I bought silk for new shirts, beading supplies, hair pretties, and even a couple of gifts for my nieces.

Every meal here has been heavenly. The food is delicious, the portions are generous, and the price is low. Flar and Knight claim they always return to the states lighter than they came, but we all think this due to the amount of walking.

Tonight, we eat at a sushi restaurant, where I will be ordering Tempura. We will eat with friends of Gaucha, and it should be a fun evening.

Tomorrow, Ro and Gaucha and I will have a Salon Day.

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Why is it, that Knight can offer comfort and support without question, but Flar consistly reacts with anger?

It's called "history". Some of our worst fights were over seemingly trivial things, before we both went into therapy. It was there that we realized what huge amounts of resentment we were carrying because of each others' past actions (and reactions), some of which were not entirely in our control.


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