Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
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Posting from Brazil

We survived the harrowing plane ride sans raccoons (barely), and have returned, pocket books unscathed, from the jewelers.

The long bit:

Flar drove us to the airport yesterday, and it's a good thing we didn't run into pockets of traffic where he was expecting them.

We narrowly avoided being stuck on New Circle for who-knows how long. There was no line at the international check-in for Continental, but we spent the time we have done in line re-arranging our flights. It seems that the connection to Houston was late enough to make us miss our flight to Brazil. Flar had alternate flight information handy, and we finally worked out a different plan, but it involved flying Delta on the first leg.

To Newark.

Okay, so I used to be not terribly entranced with Newark. I may be forming new opinions.

Since we had a last minute airline change, we were all four singled out for SSSSpecial service by TSA. We entered the security line 1.5 hours before our departure time. By the time we were done being wanded and patted down, and had all our belongings rifled through, we walked from security onto the plane.

A plane which was displaying Continental code-share flight numbers.


When we arrived in Newark and found out that we were leaving the secured area to change terminals, I was none too pleased. Imagine my surprise when we found extremely short lines at the distributed security in Newark. No wait.

We had exit row seating for the long flight. Cool, hunh? One assumes much leg room, etc.

These were bulkhead exit row seats. Not much leg room and no hip room due to the in-seat tray tables. Not to mention no under-the-seat-in-front-of-you space for little miss my-carry-ons-are-always-small. But nobody complained about me putting my feet against the bulkhead, or keeping my needlework bag on the floor under my legs. So I was content.

I thought I'd be up all night with all the choices of entertainment, but I succumbed to sleep soon after finishing Gaucha's top and watching Little Black Book.

We made it through customs with relative ease, photos and fingerprinting notwithstanding (damn Republicans). The hotel is awesome better descriptions to follow.

We had beef and yummy sides at a cheap hole in the wall churrascaria, then rested at the hotel while Flar went to change our money at a good rate.

Then we visited the jeweler. Need to take the camera on Monday. You know all those spy movies with the tons of diamonds just spilling out of velvet pouches? Ever been in a beading shop? Okay, imagine the beading shop handling of gem-quality semi-precious stones. Boxes of them. Envelopes of them. Trays of them.

Candy Shop.




I actually stuck to my original purposes: rings with Ro and Knight, emerald for my grandmother's engagement setting, blue stone for my family ring, and "something" for my Mom, who sent $40. Since I'm also doing Christmas shopping, the matched Coracão amethyst earrings and pendant will fit into my combined purposes.

And now, turning the computer over to Ro...

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