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My weekend


canuckgirl came to visit for the weekend. :) We're also getting ready to go out of town, and amazingly, lots of visiting *and* lots of cleaning has happened.


I got the jacuzzi cleaned and filled, and it was hot in time to sit with Canuckgirl that evening. I also got a couple of loads of laundry run, and folded and put away some earlier clean loads.

Critter had a movie party for his birthday, for which Flar was driving, and Tigger was included, so we had the house to ourselves. First, we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner, where I was a good girl, and had whole wheat pasta, and not *too* much of the garlic bread. :) Then we headed home and baked a "Giant Cookie" for Critter's birthday. Tigger sleepwalked upstairs when they got home, but Critter and his friends stayed up later. He purposely cut the cookie in six slices for he and his two friends, in order to leave an interesting design behind.

After we took care of the baking, Canuckgirl and I soaked in the hottub, and stayed up later in bed...


We indulged ourselves by sleeping in very late. Flar took morning driving duty, taking Tigger to bowling. Meanwhile, Critter and his friends were awake in the morning, but very quiet. We finally struggled out of bed after noon, and decided on baked eggs to go with our chocolate canoli that we'd taken home from Macaroni Grill. Yummy.

Then it was time to pick up roina_arwen and head to the mall. We found lots of goodies at Penny's (on sale, of course) and Lane Bryant. I got a whipped cream dispenser at Williams and Sonoma and Canuckgirl bought more books at Walden. While they bought selections of chocolates, I was conservative with a chocolate covered strawberry. Saturday morning, my last weigh-in before vacation, I was 190. Woot!

I want to shop more often with Ro. She picked a color for me that I've never worn before, and I really like it. I bought PJ pants for bowling, a coordinating waffle-weave tee which will also be good for Brazil, and two very soft sweaters. I also got a hoodie like hers, except in grey. More than I've spent on clothes in ages, but everything was on sale. Then I found out that I've shrunk out of the bras at Lane Bryant, so I had to buy a new white bra at Victoria Secret. ;) I likes my new cleavage bra. :)

After shopping we had a hurry up and eat dinner of grilled steak and broiled tomatoes, then we went to a yummy date movie featuring Pierce Brosnan and Selma Hayek. Knight and Ro and Canuckgirl and me on a double date, while Flar stayed home for his phone call with Gaucha.

After the movie, we came to the house for old-fashioned cocoa with whipped cream. Unforunately, W-S sold me the wrong brand of chargers for the dispenser, so I had to pull out the kitchen-aid to whip the cream. But the result was quite yummy.


We had to get up early to get Canuckgirl to her flight on time, and me to church. But we learned to set the alarm an hour ahead. ;) I made Eggs Benedict for breakfast - the South Beach cookbook has a recipe for Hollandaise that I can make successfully. Yay!

I ran by W-S to exchange the chargers on my way home, and when I got home, Flar and the boys had been busy. Sunday was designated for cleaning the kitchen, and they had begun. Everything they questioned was on the table for me to handle, Critter was vacuuming in the family room, and Tigger was doing dishes, with Flar drying and putting away (and, fortunately, asking for direction on that. ;). I took over the dishes, and set Critter and Tigger to running the content of the kitchen table to appropriate locations all over the house.

After the dishes were done and I started to wipe down the counter, I decided to get rid of the bottles decorating the back of the kitchen sink. It's not as spare as Flar would prefer, but definitely cleaner now. The kitchen is now clean, excepting the computer desk and boxed clutter in the fireplace.

And then they showed me the surprise. Flar bought a Roomba on Saturday. The kitchen floor still needs mopping, but it's all vacuumed. Whee!

After cleaning, I picked up Knight, and we pre-bowled a make-up game for the second week we'll be in Brazil. I bowled a 501 series last week, but only 402 this week. On the other hand, Knight was bowling better, so we ended up over our team average for the series.

We picked up KFC on the way back to Knight and Ro's, which was a convenient plan, considering the power went out at 7. Yay for bit-torrent -- Knight had last week's episode of Desperate Housewives on his laptop, so we got to watch it anyway. :)

After yummy food and good TV, I headed home and went to bed early.


I'm working on laundry, mail and quicken. I've done up a pattern that I hope will be a nice tank top for Gaucha -- my first original design piece of clothing -- but I don't get to start knitting until I finish paperwork.

I'm driving Knight's car today. My car is missing, so he helped me drop it off at Powers this morning. I'm crossing my fingers about this. For the normal, hope it's not too expensive, reasons, but also because my car in the shop was the proximate cause of my last incidence of not coping, emotional fit. But, if they have to keep it for days, right before we go out of town makes the most sense. I cleaned out all sorts of stuff, but I still forgot to take my garage door opener. ;(

No day-work today, but I do have work tonight.

And now, to the paperwork...

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