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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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***SO*** Not Caught Up
I just opened a tabset for all the friends' entries I haven't read since Monday: somewhere less than 150 entries. And then minimized the whole thing to read later.

I'm home for the next two hours. I'm going to knit for an hour, then wash dishes for an hour.


I've sold two items at auction, one at my "Buy it now" price.
I've one project to block - a custom order.
I've one project to finish and block - to be put to auction.
I've yarn for four more projects, and another one promised -- all custom orders, so my ebay sales will continue at Extremely Low Volume.

Household: (Dishes/Mail/Paper/Laundry/Table/Quicken/Filing/Fixtures):

The kitchen is mildly messy - I've been keeping the dishes and table at a dull roar, but not Done. I'm staying about a day behind on the paper, reading it on dinner break. Flar has borrowed white socks from Critter two days running because I *thought* I was ahead on whites - to be remedied today. Quicken is staying at about once a week, less often than my eventual goal, but sufficient for now. Critter has tackled the filling, and I'm baking him brownies in return. And the time-lapse on cleaning the bathrooms has crept up again.

Today I'm tackling dishes and laundry while I knit. Tomorrow and Friday morning are freed up, so I hope to catch up more on everything.

Like writing in LJ about what I've been so busy doing outside the house. ;)

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hehe "but it now"

and you know the child is getting big when the hubby borrows his socks! :)

Thanks. fixed it.

Yep, Critter is a full-sized human now, and not done growing. He's about 5'11", still skinny as a rail, fuzzier about the appropriate edges but still unwilling to shave, and

still nice. :)

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