Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

yay - clear head

No headache, and I can breathe.

Got the brownies done, showered and even had time to shave my legs. :)

I'd be more impressed with this test if it actually processed the journal, somehow:

My LiveJournal is Cool!

Awesome! You're not one of the teeny bopper kids new to LJ
who think people actually care about them and which
they are! In fact, it possibly pisses you off! You try to keep
to yourself on LJ so that random newbies won't
add you to their
list. Don't be afraid to tell them to fuck the hell off, even if
they are your friends.

I took the LJ rating test by Atomic Blue and Cracker Face!

See y'all at the picnic, whoever's going.

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