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Turning in early

This weekend I'm going to try the "sleep before driving" method, and turn in early before driving to a chess tournament. Tomorrow is the EKU tourney, so I can sleep until 6:15am. I picking up one of Tigger's friends from Sayre, and Berry and her son T, then heading to Richmond.

Today, I made noticeable progress on housework.

The laundry room is a much cleaner space. I folded all the clean laundry sitting around in baskets on the floor, and moved all my stampin' up stuff from temporary holding in a laundry basket, into one of the six 58 Qt. boxes that I bought on Wednesday. It's almost ready to be high-gear craft space. The knitting machine is set up on the folding table, and the other top box (they're stacked three and three) has all my current knitting projects in it. All I need to complete the area is three 75-Watt bulbs. I expect to grocery shop after church on Sunday. Incidentally, I've cleared off the top of the jacuzzi (aside from one clean sweater laid out to dry, and Flar's swimming stuff), and picked up a lot of junk that was all over the floor of the jacuzzi room.

In the kitchen, I washed a drain-board and two towels worth of dishes. Then I tackled the kitchen table, turning my side of it back into organized chaos. I updated Quicken, and printed a bunch of checks and a report on the checkbook register. I've got a pile of "stuff to do" that I will address over the next week, and *choke*gasp*wheeze* Critter has filed the most recent pile of "stuff to file" that represents at least three weeks of bill-paperwork. Yay!

Yesterday, I finished organizing my God Project notebook, which documents each project, so far, with an envelope for all the receipts. I couldn't find two receipts -- it turns out they were in the pile of stuff that Critter filed for me today. Double yay!

This morning, we had a conference with Tigger's teacher at school. He's doing very well in math, but needs a lot more work on writing: proofreading and spelling. We talked a bit about the difference in his attitude between the beginning of the year and now (great improvement), and it was generally a comfortable conversation.

The heating contractor came out and did PMA on the boiler and four air handlers. He says we need new belts, which he meant to replace last year, and a new motor for the humidifier pump. We have heat, in time for our first 30-something night.

Tonight, we had dinner at Bébé's fiancée's house. She made roast beef with potatoes and carrots (and a very yummy gravy), yeast rolls, cornbread, sweet potato casserole, coleslaw and green beans. I commented that the table looked like a Thanksgiving meal, which was so nice because we would be in Brazil for Thanksgiving. (I was also silently giving thanks that the food was of a variety that picky Tigger not only will eat, but adores.) She also made chocolate cake, and coconut cream cheese pie for dessert.
We had a nice visit, and came home early enough for Tigger to get decent sleep before the tournament tomorrow.

I wore my long purple boots tonight, and a skirt; I was glad I dressed up a bit for dinner, since M. set the table with her good china and silver. My boots are a bit looser already, with only the 18 pound weight loss. Perhaps next summer, I will have to have the boots taken up. Whee!

So, I'm almost caught up on dishes, caught up on the kitchen table and Quicken and bills, and (by proxy) filing. I'm making progress on backlogged laundry, and I'm confident of finding the time tomorrow evening to finish the cardigan and begin a sweater for Tigger.

That is, if the tournament runs smoothly.

nini all..

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