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I just opened a second set of "catch up on LJ friends" tabs. It took skip=150 to get to the first set of skip=25 tabs that I already have open, waiting for time to catch up.

That's what happens when I get ultra-busy during an election, I suppose.

Tuesday. Normal Tuesday-busy, with Critter doing a ride-along, plus voting in the morning, then going out to dinner and sleeping over with Knight for our anniversary. Ro joined us for the bowling part. Day-work evaporated, so we did lunch together and ended up with free food, due to a less-than-competent server.

Dinner with Knight at Joe's. Margaritas are too strong for 'kin on a long-day. Even with a nap during chess club. Was awake for parent mingling; played a few games with younger kids, then with Critter.

Can't herd this entry into linear thought for the life of me.

Slept hard after determining that we didn't know who our next president would be. Shock. Woke to threatened lawsuits, then a concession. Whee. not.

Attended my first Bible Study Fellowship today. There's bunches of extra scripture references in the first day's questions, so I'm calling tomorrow day one. My brain was too tired tonight during break at work. But, I purchased a nifty notebook to use for the study. I am content for now.

Between picking up Tigger and going back to work, I stopped at Wal-mart and dropped $30 on plastic boxes. Six 58 qt. boxes, to be precise. Cleared off the laundry folding/wrapping table, and moved my knitting machine from the kitchen to the laundry room. All of my current knitting projects fit in one box. The rest of the boxes are wrapping paper, and misc. accumulation from the table. The boxes form a wall to keep the scotties from using the laundry area as an out-of-sight potty spot.

Worked during the day and tonight, for a total of more than 7 hours. During break, organized my knitting projects and bible study notebook.


Bed now.

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