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Weekend Update

Wow. I haven't updated since Monday...

So, a review of the week, then the weekend.

I worked lunch Tuesday and Friday, nights Wednesday and Thursday. One of the prep workers has switched to second shift, so she can take a full-time first shift job elsewhere. More company is a good thing. Prep even better, since theory is Z and I can supplement our hours with prep when index is running low. Having C there to explain new prep jobs will be keen.

Tuesday was Chess Club; steak for dinner.

I slept in most mornings, so didn't get back to the pool, in spite of my new cheerful yellow custom-fit earplug in a nifty purple case.

I haven't listed the Autumn Rainbow Scarf yet; didn't get my Bree costume finished in time for Halloween, so was a cat, using a birthday present from disheveledhair and her mom. I've got all the pieces down for the cardigan, and have the shoulder seams done, and one sleeve attached.

I've been staying up Far Too Late and sleeping in to cover. Friday, I had to leave home in time for a thing that Flar had, then wait around for that to get started, then flee to work, to get away in time for Fall Festival at school. Stayed there longer than expected; I think Tigger had fun. We got home before 6, and Critter had already started prep for Flar to cook dinner, so I collapsed for napping.

Nap was cut short by phone call - woke the way that showed I was deep under, didn't get enough, and wouldn't be able to return. I invited Knight and Ro over for dinner before napping. Worked on the Bree cardigan before they arrived and after they left. Oops, it was the after they left part that blew my sleeping all to heck.

The weekend -

Saturday was chess tournament. We needed to leave the house by 6 to get to Berry's house in time to pick up T. I was awake by 5:30, when I'd planned to wake. (good) By way of not having actually gone to sleep. (bad) Worse, spending all night knitting, I'd still not finished all the pieces. Sigh.

Chess tournament was well-run, and shepherding T to his games was easy. He can really get to his boards by himself now. After K-1 trophies, T ran around outside. We left the tournament before 4pm (yay!). On the way home, I determined by cell phone that T could play with Tigger until Berry was free to pick him up. Yay for no stops on the way home.

At home, I pulled beef out of the fridge, a bottle of Italian dressing out of the pantry, and handed them to Critter with "get a zip-lock, use half this bottle, feel it up, and toss it in the fridge. I'm taking a nap." I woke at quarter of 8 (7?), in time to broil the beef, feed the boys and myself, and have beef ready for Flar when he returned from working the elephant for the Republicans in Nicholasville's downtown trick-or-treat.

More knitting, before going to wolfwitch's for a laid-back, yummy home cooking, amiable companionship, good movie, entertaining cats, party. Got home, crashed, and woke up in time for church.

I'd say about a third of the congregation was dressed for Halloween. I was glad that I'd decided to wear the ears and make-up again in the morning. Saw Coach before the service started.

Wow. It'd been two weeks since I'd been to service, and I felt it keenly, returning. Reminded of what I'd been missing.

The Burning Questions series is wrapped up, and the next series is Quest Goes to the Movies. This week, Finding Nemo, next week Radio. Fresh popcorn.

Sunday was also my turn to cook. Cheeseburgers for lunch, Peanut Butter Stew for dinner. Knight and I had a make-up game for the morning I drove Critter to the airport. Grace bowled with us for the first game, but had to leave for before we were done. We'll find out Tuesday how we did, versus the team that already played. Then we need to talk to the teams we're scheduled to face on the 23rd and 30th, to discuss pre-bowling or postponements.

Before bowling, while my patties were grilling, I prepped for making the Peanut Butter Stew. Critter also helped, once I was done eating, and back to knitting. Then, after bowling, I put the stew together and brought it over to Knight and Ro's. We ate and watched a movie.

Flar took the boys home, and I stayed for TV. Desperate Housewives continues to be a great show.

Ooh, ooh! I finally found sugar-free meringues again. This time I put them together with sweetened ricotta. It was much closer to the texture of a Concord. Ro and I discussed how to improve the next rendition.

I've got a spot in Bible Study Fellowship that starts this week. So Wednesday mornings will now be Bible Study.

Today: Swim, then return the kitchen to "normal." List the Autumn Rainbow Scarf. Finish Ro's Scarf. Finish the cardigan. Laundry, Dishes. Work at lunch time. Work at night. I'm not sure how much I'll really get done around the house. But I've committed to returning the kitchen to "normal" for the family. There's currently no table space for eating. bad mommy, no biscuits. Ack! And making 3 dozen muffins, and buying capri-sun for Chess Club snack.

Tomorrow: Election Day means leaving the house early, to vote, then bowling, work and Chess Club. Critter has the day off, and *may* spend the day with me. Ro has the day off, and will join us for bowling, and spend the rest of the day with Knight. Evening, Knight and I are going out for dinner for our anniversary, then joining Flar at whichever political party he's landed.

The rest of the week: Swim, housework, knit, work.

Next weekend: Dinner with Bébé's girlfriend, another Chess Tournament. No plans for the rest of the weekend.

I think.

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