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Okay, so I missed paying off the Sears bill. I mean, I was IN Sears on Thursday, the day it was due, but I forgot. Blech.

So I called, on my way down to Atlanta, the next day. They couldn't accept payment by phone, as it wasn't delinquent. I asked them to put a note in my account that I would be paying it the next day. Then Ro and I went out of our way to find a Sears on Saturday, and got to Artlite 3 minutes before closing. But, I made the payment. Two days late. And bonus, I knew why I wanted to be at Artlite, so 3 minutes was actually enough time to shop. I just would have preferred more browsing time.

Totally no surprise to me, when the next statement, which came yesterday, didn't reflect the payment, and showed a $35 late fee, plus $26 finance charges.

Amazing surprise when I called to find out the new payoff amount.

The computer told me I had a zero balance.

They forgave the late fee and reversed the interest charges before I even called about it. I even checked with a human to verify that that was indeed what had happened.

And, I'd thought Sears was notoriously hard-nosed about credit.


One credit card down.

Many to go.

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