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Friday afternoon, Saturday

Friday afternoon/evening

I picked up Tigger, then got to the airport about 30 minutes before Critter's flight was expected. I'd have preferred to organize my car while parked in the "waiting area," but as Tigger needed a convenience stop, we parked in short term and went into the terminal. After Critter arrived and got his checked baggage, we drove to Thomp, to hand-deliver the scarf.

I don't think I've seen Dubheach since May, which means this was my first chance to see Em. She's a cutey, and grinned at me. I'm pretty sure she was happy because it was meal-time. Her big sister was there, and told me all about the bracelets she was making. I petted/scritched Sadie, and was immediately her new best friend. And I got to sit and chat with Dubheach for a bit. Eventually, Tigger came in and also played with Sadie, but it was really time to get going home. I'd have loved to except Bear's invitation for dinner, but Flar was cooking stir-fry at home, and I don't like to pass that up. :)

After we got home, I curled up in my chair, ate stir-fry, then worked on Critter's belt, while we watched Bab 5. We stayed up far too late, and eventually wondered to bed.


I got up in time to take Tigger bowling this morning. Before we left, I created a My Ebay page with links to the church and stuff about the God Project. Tigger was having a down day, but my day was brightened by Knight and Thunder showing up to visit with me. Thunder and I got to have a good chat after Knight had to leave to go sleep.

After bowling, Tigger went on errands with me: Sam's, Spa Gallery, Incredipet and Michael's. I bought yarn for a sweater for Tigger and a scarf for Ro. We also bought the supplies for Tigger's sock puppet project for school. Then we headed home for lunch, which Flar fixed (sandwich on lo-carb bread).

Flar had made up a meal plan for the week, and a grocery list. I added in various other staples, and counted up the sodas, then cleaned out the fridge. Then I gathered up Critter and headed out for groceries. We filled the cart with meat and cheese and produce and soda and various odds and ends. I also remembered to pick up Flar's cleaning. Go me. :)

Critter hauled in most of the groceries and I loaded up the fridge. After that, I decided to treat myself to a bubble bath. I Veeted my legs, ran what turned out to be a perfect bath, and redid my nails. My pedicure is holding up, in that I haven't picked at my toes since I got it. I'm getting another when we're in Brazil, and thinking of scheduling them regularly. Knight came over to have Flar help him call his Brazil sweetie, and since my water was just perfect, they decided to call while I was still in the bath. After I ran the jets to make more bubbles, they came down to tell me noone was home. Hmph. I get to clean the bathtub next time I want a bath, as I got out for dinner with bubbles everywhere. And spent the rest of the evening in my purple fuzzy pjs.

Flar made yummy chili for dinner tonight. Just the right kind of spicy, which was perfect with sour cream and cheese added to it. I'll probably have chili omelets for breakfast a lot this week. :)

Ro came over when she got back from Cincy, and we played cards while the boys kept trying to call Brazil. They finally got through to Gaucha, but Knight's sweetie had forgotten about the phone-date, and was visiting relatives. So he came down to keep us company until it was time for him to go to work. Ro and I then played with the knitting machine. I had some frustration working with it, but I finally got a decent sample gauge knitted for Ro, and we fleshed out what she wants for the scarf. Tomorrow I'll go out and fetch the contrasting color that she prefers. Tonight, I knitted another loopy scarf, which I'll seam up and finish tomorrow, so I can start another auction.

And now it's time for beddy bye.


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