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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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For the record ...
Ant poison, which was described as "not harmful to dogs" is also harmless to mice.

The extremely cute mouse who poked its head out at me when I opened the equipment door for the jacuzzi, in order to drain it, escaped Dizzy's determined attentions this morning.

It was really quite fun to watch the dogs. Dizzy was bound to get the mouse that she could smell; Flood, who was contentedly munching on soda-box cardboard, was merely interested in what all the fuss was about; and Ouchie was just darn cute, trying to get at the mouse herself. They kept taking turns poking their heads (and bodies) into the limited space around the jacuzzi equipment. The mouse didn't come out the front of the jacuzzi, so it either left via a back route, or hid until the dogs lost interest.

So, home today. Work called -- I don't need to come in. Countryside called -- the PMA is rescheduled to the 29th. Bébé's girlfriend is sick, so dinner with them is off. Flar wants me to drop some paperwork by the bank. I'm home until 1:45. Then I drop off the bank paperwork, sit in car-line to pick up Tigger, and drive to Louisville to pick up Critter. I'm bringing the scarf with me, as I don't know whether dubheach prefers hand-delivery today or Sunday. But, I have her work number, so I may call if I don't get a reply to email before I leave the house.

I'm draining the jacuzzi, running a load of laundry, and a load of dishes. I'm making progress on catching up on housework, and perhaps tonight I'll feel free enough to do some knitting for my next auctions.

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If you're taking scarf orders, I'll gladly buy one that is done in yarn that is soft and pink. Any shade(s) of pink would do nicely. :)

Yes, I am taking orders. I will look for suitable yarn this weekend, and we can talk about price on Sunday. :)

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