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Very short update

I've been sleepy all day. I went to bed far too late last night, then woke up at 5:15 this morning to drive Critter to Louisville to fly to Texas.

Okay, backing up a little.

Yesterday, I was the amazing flexible 'kin. I do tend to like my ordinary, regular schedule. But yesterday I arranged rather a lot of impromptu differentness.
  • I went to Rotary with Flar and Knight.
    Okay, so this wasn't as impromptu, as Flar invited me last week, but he rarely invites me, so this counts as out of the ordinary.
  • Critter is spending the week in San Antonio.
    Mom called home while I was out, to discover that Critter is home from school this week. She called me to find out if I would drive him to Louisville to fly to Texas, then made the reservations and emailed them to me. This meant me canceling bowling today, which meant the team canceling, since Knight had a doctor's appt. Still need to work this out with the league secretary, whom I couldn't reach, yesterday.
  • Tigger went to T's house after school
    We almost always drive straight home, and this particular visit was arranged very much last minute. Flar wouldn't be able to pick him up as he had a college fair last night, so I ended up picking up Tigger on my way to work, and letting Tigger sleep in the server room at work. (It's dark, has a door that closes, and is carpeted.) I discovered I can play a pretty decent game of chess (via algebraic notation) while I'm indexing numbers. I"m apparently almost at par with Tigger, who has a rating of 623 these days. It came down to two rooks for me versus a knight and a queen for him (and scattered pawns); when he finally wrangled one of my rooks away from me I resigned. We both need work on our endgame, but I'd say he's further along than I am.
  • I'm going to be working limited hours with the daywalkers.
    Seems the job I used to index, that's now being delivered on a dayshift schedule, is just a bit more than they want to handle during the day, and could I possibly rearrange my hours to include a few in the day? We're working out the details about how early, but it will mean I don't have to stay as late at night to get my preferred number of hours in the week (around 18).
  • I've put up my first ever auction on Ebay.
    Not impromptu, but very different for me, and I got lots of helpful advice on the post I made about it last night. I spiffed up the description a tad, and currently there have been three actual bids. Yay!

Right, so I drove Critter to SDF this morning for a 9:15am flight. I left with time for Louisville traffic to be ugly, then it wasn't, so we got there by 7:50am. I was completely unneeded at check-in. Critter had printed his boarding passes already, and was merely directed to the TSA station after being given his checked-bag sticker. I hugged him goodbye and managed to drive home without falling asleep.

I remembered LaDonna_Rena at the last minute, and called Spydielives to come to my rescue. She gave her a ride for me. Too bad I didn't have the presence of mind to ask her to let the other team know our entire team couldn't make it, and we wanted a make-up game. Don't know how that will turn out. It turned out serendipitous that I called Spydie though, as she had overslept her alarm.

Okay, so I drove as far as Knight's and crawled into bed. It's closer than home by minutes and this morning those minutes seems awfully attractive. Even though I had a hugely long, comfy nappy time at Knight's, I stayed sleepy the rest of the day. He was nice enough to drive to pick up Tigger at school. :)

Tonight we went back to school for a singing program. It was pretty nifty, with lots of color and movement. After we got home, Flar and I lazed in bed for a bit just talking, which is so cool. Then I said "eu quero doces," which I just had to use Google to learn how to spell, but I pronounced it right. Go me! So we moved into the kitchen for a late night sweet, and then watched Top Secret on the Tivo. Okay, so Flar watched all of it, and I slept through the last half.

Sleepy 'kin now going to bed. :)

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