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Woke up with one, 'been there all day. Sometimes worse than others. I think I ended up not taking the Excedrin when I thought about it earlier, so I'm going to take some on my way to bed. Trying to decide if the nausea is from the headache or the vertigo that's building from my ears getting congestion in them. Maybe both.

Heard from Turnip today. No reason he hadn't gotten back to me. I guess just my completely low priority in his day-to-day. I mean, how could I possibly be as important as assembling a new bottle rocket launcher with electronic ignition board. Got questions answered about the Big Date in Aug/Sep. Scheduled another call for Monday. Forgot to ask him about his birthday plans.

Got to the Chalk the Walk late, but that was kind of cool. Found a
parking space on the street, so 25 minutes only cost a dime. And then we got to see all the art that had already been put down. We drew a swimming pool, a beach ball, beach, baseball & bat, roller coaster, sleeping bags all in a row, the state of Texas with a flag to label it, an airplane, a supersoaker, and probably stuff I'm forgetting.

Critter and Tigger read my journal today. Kinda cool.

We went to the pool, but it was too cool to stay long. I was comfortable, but then, I wasn't trying to swim. Not with my ears the way they are right now. Looking at water wasn't good for them. We stayed long enough for one "out of the pool" call, a short phone call with Turnip, and a few pages of coupons. I'm still pitifully behind, and another Sunday approaches.

On the way home, we shopped the card shoppe at Kroger. 8 father's day cards and 4 birthday cards for Granny.

At home, I got the invitations addressed, and the jacuzzi filters washed. The tub will have to wait for tomorrow or Sunday. Knight brought Popeye's for dinner, Critter did a bunch of dishes, and Tigger pressure washed whatever he could find, including more of the garage.

Date night was pretty cool. Bad Company was good. Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock. A pretty good team. Then we drove up to Nandino looking for a post office with late pickup -- they don't appear to have that anymore. Feh. Dropped the birthday cards and invitations in for tomorrow's first pickup. Granny's turning 106 on Tuesday. Maybe the card will get to Texas in time. We stopped at Meijer before going home, to pick up more Fluff. Flar doesn't "get" Date Night. Knight and I were set to browse the store. Flar just wanted to locate the Fluff (he selected three packages of it, to delay needing to return) and leave. But I managed to slow us all down just long enough to spot ... drum roll ... a LONG SLEEVED swimsuit coverup, WITH POCKETS! There is hope yet, for my days taking the boys to the pool. I might even bother to change into my suit next time out. ;) Knight bought it for me for date night. Its only flaw was lack of color. I really need to schedule a tie-dye night. But it doesn't look possible before the boys go to Texas -- I'm still woefully behind on getting the house to order and ready to operate on automatic.

One small detour on the way home, to get Flar's surprise: a bottle of Bawls, a guarana soda. (Something he learned a taste for, in Brazil.) Knight took him his swords (I can't remember the name for the Brazilian barbecue spits, it's something like escada), and now I'm on my way to bed.

Maybe I'll wake up headache-free.

Early enough to bake the brownies. And pack up the cooler. And Yard Sale Toy Department. And present for week# is it 37? And the PWP shirts for people who forgot them.


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