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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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A word from our sponsor...

I'm participating in The God Project with Quest Community Church.

I was given $20 to use to raise money for the church. I have chosen to use this money to buy yarn to make scarves, hats and shawls for sale on Ebay. I will be returning to the church all of the proceeds from these sales, after paying for the yarn and listing fees.

Critter will be using my ebay account to auction various cast-asides from our house, and I will be donating 10% of those proceeds to the God Project, as well.

That's the plan, anyway. Today I put up my first ever auction on Ebay. The listing is rather plain -- I'd appreciate any comments about improving the listing, or future ones. Please check it out if you have time.

If you would like to help me in this effort, please feel free to click on the donation button below. I'll pass along any proceeds I receive from direct donations to the the project, as well.

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You should definately indicate that the proceeds are going to some form of charity (in this case, your church)

Should I just put this in the item description, then?

And, why are *you* up so late? ;)

Hi, schmendrick; please designate some local agent to provide you with a hug and cuddle in my name, since I can't provide the services directly.

I'm mightily puzzled by the God Project. I'm also puzzled by your personal religion, but I'm easy that way. When you financially support your church, what does your church do with the money? What values do they support with their actions? How good is your information on these topics? How rigorously accountable is the church?

And of course what I'd like is a full-scale audit combined with tough investigative reporting like that which has been so evident over the last few years by its complete absence from our national media. Which you would supply in your spare time obviously only by an act of God, because your own resources are already overcommitted, and what I'm asking for is outside your existing experience-sets, even if you probably do have the necessary skills lurking deep under the "I'm just a housewife" facade.

As you're probably aware, my curiousity is deep and genuine; I don't understand the language in which you have your religion, and I'd like to learn it, regardless of whether I decide to practice any of it or not. I can't make a decision on whether it's worth practicing for me unless and until I know what it is, after all. And that curiousity is split among a bunch of other things, too, so I don't know that I'd be able to dedicate the resources to paying attention to you that either you would like or that would do your views justice. Frustrating though this is, I haven't started praying for a smaller universe yet.

Be well.



I believe most churches have their budgets voted on by the congregation each year,and make the financial records available to any member who's interested in seeing it. I know at my church we have an annual meeting where we review and vote on the budget, so we always know, at least generally, where the money is going (for instance, how much the minister and other staff are paid, how much is going to programs, how much is going to administrative expenses, etc). I go to a Unitarian Universalist church (so I'm not the same religion as Minikin) but I would imagine how the budget is handled is pretty universal to most legitimate churches (I would suspect the Bakkers, for instance, didn't share their budget willingly). After all, the congregation is paying the bills and thus they have a right to see where the money is going, and the church has accountability to the congregation.

Minikin: Have you thought about taking custom orders from your friends list? I think that would be more likely to generate more money than auctions on Ebay, especially since you have a zero feedback rating right now. I also agree that you should put in the auction that the money is going to your church and why you're doing this.

I hadn't thought about asking friends for custom orders. That's a great idea. :)

Please check out the listing again, if you'd like to comment on the changes I made.

what does your church do with the money? What values do they support with their actions? How good is your information on these topics? How rigorously accountable is the church?

The God Project money will intended to go toward community outreach in Lexington and abroad. In old-fashioned words, missionary work and evangelism.

I have not looked into church finances.

My experience with the church so far has been in worship services. These services include personal testimony each week. I am hearing personal accounts of how lives have been changed at Quest, and I can attest to the renewal of worship in my heart. The messages each Sunday have seemed shaped directly for me, at times. I've found a church home after many many years of being uncomfortable in church.

I don't explain my religion to others. Christ instructed us to spread his word, but I'm still working out how it affects me. My witness is the quietest kind, merely allowing others to see God's influence in my life.

It never hurts to market the item a little bit. Phrases like "warm and cozy" "would make a lovely gift" "stylish" "soft and fluffy" "just in time for winter" or "wrap someone in a little bit of love" never hurt.

I agree with the other commenters that you should mention why you're selling the item. If there is a link to the
God Project or to your church, go ahead and include them. People LOVE to be a part of something, and it sets your auction(s) apart from the rest of the billion others on Ebay.

Also, it would be good to mention what kind of fiber the scarf is made of. Wool? Lambswool? Acrylic? Folks with fiber allergies or preferences like to know that information.

Looks like a lovely scarf. Can't wait to see your other items!

Thank you for your encouraging comments. I've updated the listing, and will be making more items tonight.

Yep - too plain a listing. My suggestion is much like the other folks:

A) Mention the God Project, include a link if you like.
B) *Definitely* tell what sort of yarn you used
C) Include more descriptive phrases, like "cozy" or "would make a great Christmas gift", etc.

If you do any other listings and want me to list them for you (since I've got over 150 positive feedbacks and no negatives) just let me know and we'll arrange a time to get together and list them.

My other suggestion is to browse through listings of similar items and get a feel for how people market them - descriptive phrases, etc. Look at the auctions that will be ending within the next few hours; it'll give you a better idea of what they are actually selling for. :)

I've added more description. Tonight after the school thing, I hope to have more time to knit and to look at other auctions.

Thanks for looking at the listing. :)

The new description is excellent - great job! :)

Thank you!

And, now I've even gotten a bid. yay!

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