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Caught up on LJ - always easy on weekends.

Drive down to Atlanta was wonderful. Started out with dry roads and steely grey cloud cover. By the time the sky cleared, the sun was in a tame elevation. Lunched on a Subway chipotle wrap. Drove Flar's car. Didn't get away from the house until 2pm, and calling Envoy totally lifted any "running late" anxious. His voice is so cheering and calming.

Found the hotel, after forgetting to print a map. Marriott helped with a map and directions -- they have a lighted sign. :)

After doing the girly valet and bellman thing, was greeted by Envoy at the room door. And immediately and totally tossed. mmmmm mind gone now, fun play toy. And hey, this counts as me giving him a birthday present. Me thinks there are two selfish people occupying this space. :)

Ro is my rescuer. She is bringing music (I forgot to retrieve mine from my car before winging my way down in Flar's), and strappy sandals so I can be all dressy tonight. I packed far too fast, far too late. Didn't think it was right to also ask her for toys that I left in my room, since frankly, fucking is what I most dearly love doing with Envoy and pain would be merely a pleasant interlude.

Got to show off my personal best skills after a very yummy dinner-of-appetizers at the cheesecake factory. The hotel has many sucky features, but I think what tops the list is No Blackout Curtains. Only sheers in the brightly sunlit window? WTF!

Going to dress and find my way to the car and lunch and the airport to retrieve Ro. Hanging out with her until conference-y stuff is done.

Happy, creamed-cat 'kin.

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