Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug


Feeling ever so much the old lady these days. WIth great gobs of defeatism thrown in. Too much to be done, never enough time to do it in.

Jacuzzi is empty, waiting to be cleaned before filling. The filters are partially cleaned -- a certain twelve year old having a different standard for "clean" than I do.

Date night with Knight is supposed to be a movie tonight. After two weeks in a row of turning it into work night, I can't bow out again, just because I'm feeling stressy about stuff.

More than two weeks not knowing what's going on with Turnip, and I find myself scheduled to talk to him this afternoon at the same time I've promised to take the boys to the pool, and on a re-scheduled date night, even though I promised myself no calls on date night. And why do I think the conversation will be dangerous to my emotional state?

Kitty's flying the coop for a month, and it looks like plans to have her house&Scotty-sit on short notice for Flar's business trips will fall by the wayside. Gotta make other arrangements, since I'm the one flying the coop to Louisville, even if Flar did give the okay for it months ago. And I never got around to inviting her to join me and the boys at the pool. And it looks from her journal as if she'll be asleep.

Committed to the boys, days ago, Chalk the Walk and first outing to the pool. Hell, I've gotta find my suit, and a cover-up, and I suppose I have to ring my earplugs. The cloud-cover from yesterday is history - nothing visible on the radar map. First I have to find out where "Courthouse Square" is, since Flar thinks it's not outside either of the court buildings. Fortunately the newspaper with the number to call didn't get recycled with the others last night; there's no helpful phone number or web site in the online version of the article.

So that puts me out of the house in half an hour -- should have time for breakfast -- and back sometime after 2 or 3. Which leaves all of 1 or 2 hours to clean the jacuzzi, and means someone else will be in charge of shutting off the water when it's full.

And need to remember to bring reading workbook for Tigger for during the out-of-the-water break at the pool. And figure out lunch money. And fold that basket of clothes. And get the invitations for the sleepover mailed out.

Not feeling up for any of it. I woke up with a headache that's moving toward migraine instead of receding. Maybe breakfast will help.

Oh, and need to remember to make brownies.

How to the Super Moms do it?

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