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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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splain me?
Okay, so what's the scale here, for political freedoms, and which is "worse" :



widely excessive abused


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Was that supposed to have been "wildly" excessive? I suppose one could be excessive in a wide manner as well, though.

Freedom ceases to be useful when it becomes a complete lack of structure. Dynamic structures are more useful than static ones, and clearing old static structures out of the way is a good idea. But *no* structure simply results in chaos.

Is this useful? I seem to be having a brain-drizzle at the moment; sort of like a brainstorm only not as wet. ADD on Irish coffee.



I erred in writing. The new status of politcal freedom for Doodletonia is

Widely abused.

I erred in writing.

I see. If I offer to spank you for it, am I punishing you, rewarding you, or merely satisfying my own lust?

I don't see how its being widely abused tells us how much political freedom Doodletonia has; it just tells us how its inhabitants feel about the enforcement of that freedom.

hugs to you, and regards to the rest of the fambly,

Joel. Awake and becoming caffeinated.

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