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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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A call to Envoy for a Buck.05 movie night
This movie deserves to be pirated while it's still in the theatres, and featured in the drunken timeslot at Buck.05 movie night. (Unfortunate victims of the movie will understand the reference.)

I am reminded once again, that I just don't *get* Trey and Matt. At least they didn't manage to completely destroy my childlike enjoyment of puppet sex.

Right, so I've already apologized to Ro about wanting to see this movie, and we're both appalled at Knight for even thinking of wanting the soundtrack. Except for "Montage." Someday I shall have a mix CD that includes "Montage" and "The Song that Plays Under the Credits."

Envoy, you owe Knight big-time. For that matter, *I* owe Knight big-time, as who know what groveling would have been required to make up for imposing Team America on your natal anniversary celebration.

Washed the taste of it out of our mouths with dinner at Rafferty's and a wonderful wonderful new show: Desperate Housewives. Even though these days I feel as if I've escaped *being* one, I feel this series will somehow resonate for me. We lazed about in bed watching TV tonight, and that was lovely.

Earlier in the day, Tigger bowled a turkey in the 10th frame of his 3rd game. Woo hoo!!!

I got two hours of work out of Tigger in his room. We've cleared a corner of it, and most of the dirty-clothes layer, and the trash layer. Flar's car is parked outside the garage, so they may have started work out there while I was out with Ro and Knight.

Tomorrow, church. Then, more cleaning. Tigger's room and the garage. Knitting would be nice. :)

And now, I am for bed, to misquote a former Miss America.

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I was quite surprised that you were even interested in Team America, just because of who wrote it. Because it's Matt and Trey is the main reason I want to see it. I do "get" their stuff, and think it's brilliant how they manage to use low-brow humor to make some really good (sophisticated?) points about life, goverment, society, etc. and yeah, sometimes it really is just a fart joke.

From what I understand, they had to edit the puppet sex scene numerous times to get the rating down from NC-17 to R, but the violence wasn't an issue, which amuses the heck out of me because that's what South Park: The Movie was about, not to mention at least one (and probably several) episodes of South Park. Violence is ok, sex isn't. Huh?

And, congrats to Tigger on the Turkey!!

The previews were a lot better than the movie, overall. And this isn't so much low-brow, as Neanderthal. Which isn't to say that it doesn't have interesting bits and funny bits, but the language and puppet gore was just overwhelmingly stupid to me.

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