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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Forget about bodies
Good friends find the bestest books for you to read.

Ages ago, Turnip loaned me a bunch of books. I recently read Transformation by Carol Berg, loved it, then loaned it to Ro. She liked it enough to buy the whole series, and whee, I get to read more. :)

Right now, I'm reading a book that Ro bought, on a whim, called Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie. This is like the book version of a chick flick, and such and enjoyable read. :) :)

I've the rest of the day until I have to leave for work, yay! Tigger's got an overnight tonight, and the other child's father is picking up in car-line.

Yesterday, I wrote out a list of to-do today, while "trapped at home waiting for the serviceman:"
  • Drain the Jacuzzi this is put on hold until it warms up a bit more - which it will do, before we start into "real" winter.
  • Generate Reports last night, Flar called me at work to find out where a statement could be found, and he ended up getting all the numbers my reporting was to generate. He has worked out a plan that will get us completely out of credit card debt by my birthday next year! That would be so awesome.
  • Laundry - Flar just pulled his last pair of briefs out of the drawer, so this is a lucky coincidence. Especially considering that I have a basket of clean whites ready to sort, to start my laundering. :)
  • Knit - Which means I have much of a day that I "have" to be at home, free to start using my knitting machine, to start up my participation in The God Project. The Sunday after my birthday, when the pastor was teaching about money, and he called for volunteers, I raised my hand. I went home with a twenty dollar bill courtesy of the church, and instructions to invest it for the church and bring back the proceeds on Dec. 19. I've decided to sell knitted products on ebay, using my birthday present, and using the money for listing fees and yarn. Today's goal is to knit with the practice yarn to learn the basic technique, so that I can plan my projects.

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The knitting machine looks wonderful. Heck of a lot easier than the "knit two, drop one" method I currently use ::grin::

What is "Transformation" about? fiction/fantasy
true love, revenge, sword fighting?
sorry...got carried away there for a minute.

Transformation is fantasy.

A race that has been conquered and enslaved happens used to be the guardians against evil; "transformation" refers to what happens in the metaphysical battlegroun, as well as the psychological growth of the main characters in the story.

Very good book. I was pleased to find out there are two sequels.

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