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The kids

Tigger has been a handful this school year.

He started the year with a sullen attitude, not wanting to be there. The sleep over helped Tigger over the last bit of social introductions, and I'm not too worried about him on that account.

The next obstacle to overcome was academic. I'm in frequent communication with his teacher, via telephone and email. I've been checking his assignment book and making him do his homework under supervision. His teacher's been checking that he writes his assignments down correctly, and sending me updates when he misses homework assignments, etc.

He has a dismal attitude toward spelling, and we're actively attacking that.
Homework has been improving, for the most part.

He damaged a piece of public artwork on a field trip to 3rd Stuff Street.

He dissed an art project at school, then "lost it" in his room, so didn't bring it to school.

Note: I'm surprised his art teacher let him take it home instead of insisting that he complete it at school. That privilege has been revoked.

Critter helped him "find it" this morning. Completely undone. Tigger took supplies in the car to do the art project on the way to school. I'm only vaguely comforted by the inclusion of the word "fireworks" in his teacher's email on this subject. Critter commented that being allowed to take fireworks to school must be a private school perk. In the past, Flar has taken swords to TLS Spanish class... I recommended making sure the tape covered the fuses.

I think the current obstacle is not really school. It's Tigger's room, and his complete inability/lack of motivation to get it/keep it clean. Even with the incentive of a bunny, if it's clean enough. I'm going to have to dig into it myself, and I do NOT excel at messy boy room cleaning.

Tigger wakes me up in the mornings. This morning he thought I wasn't in the bed, because I was all snuggled up to Flar. Camouflage. I totally slept in, until I remembered today is the deadline for picture orders, so I pulled myself out of bed to find the orders, write the checks, etc.

Critter is growing up.
Like Tigger, he wakes himself up, on time, in the mornings. He budgets an increase in weekly allowance ($10) by fixing himself a bag lunch most days, which leaves enough for pizza-lunch (a more expensive choice) on occasion. He worked out on his own that he needed filling side dishes to go with sandwiches, and has been fixing lunches balanced between junk and real food.

He's riding the bus to school, and so far has not missed the bus once. That would be particularly awkward when Flar is out of town and I'm driving Tigger to school.

Critter has been taking up a lot of after school slack, since his homework load is minimal. He's been helping proof Tigger's homework, quizzing him on spelling, etc. He's also made parts of dinner when needed in the evenings, like last night, when he steamed the broccoli and prepared the mashed potatoes.

This morning, he attempted a ham, egg and cheese sandwich for himself for breakfast, but I need to teach him the finer art of sandwich-quality scrambled eggs (non-fluffy omelet).

We've been watching Bab 5 together when there's time. Not sure what's on tap after that. I may bow out of the watching and let him watch Voyager. Or, we may catch up on SG-1 together, from the beginning. Maybe Buffy, Forever Knight, or Due South.

Critter's been to church once with me, but last week we stayed too late watching Bab 5, and he declined in favor of sleeping.

He's been cycling with a friend from school (female) who rides the school bus with him, and we went over an off-highway route for him to get to the "closest" shopping recently. We may be getting him a new bicycle for his birthday.

He's still a good kid -- no signs of evil teen years, yet.

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