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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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I am 43
Flar's dinner was lovely.

Shrimp cocktail

Salad with Lime Crusted Shrimp

Beef with a sweet banana sauce

Pudding is not the proper substitute for the mousse in the Concord. I shall try it another time with the ricotta.

Knight and Ro and Flar and Mom and Dad bought me a knitting machine. Knight and Ro bought me a cheetah-spotted high-heel, platform chair. Knight bought me a purple cinch. Pictures to follow.

My nipples hang lower than Hippychicx's. I'm taller than she is. You do the math. ;)

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes, and those who phoned. Including my brother, who is currently in Singapore.

I'll no doubt write a long and detailed post on Thursday.

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I am glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!!

So, did you correct yourself, or did someone else correct you? - when we were on the phone, you said you had a leopard-print chair...BTW, here are the pictures from What I Did Today


love you :)

Me misses you.

(That's how hungarians do online kisses. They are cute.)

still basking at this end. :)


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