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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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quickie update
Been spending time with Hippychix, being birthday buds. A wave to Lothie, my other birthday bud - I acknowledge one day out on the bud thingie. ;)

Had a fab spa day to start my birthday week. The massage was mediocre; miss myJudy, but appreciate the awesome neck-job Hippychix gave me last night. The bikini wax downright sucked, but the leftover-wax contact rash is gone now, courtesy Knight's oil rub.

Just caught up on four days of LJ - no time for comments. Going back to giving all my attention to Hippychix NOW.

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Happy early birthday. :)

Happy birthday! I've been all over the place so I missed it in my LJ but I hope you had a great time!!!

I had a wonderfully sinful offline time. :)

Knight drove me up to Bloomington and back to get hippychicx and bring her down to celebrate my birthday week with me. Nothing staves away old age so much as the very young...

Old age? What's that? *smooch*

A really great excuse to party. :)

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