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Tired, long day

I'm writing this post as I read live journal. I just started reading, while popping my email for the first time today, at 11:08pm.

It's been one of those kind of days.

First, I got out of bed with enough time to shower, dress, walk the dogs, but not feed them and walk them again, and move laundry one step. Flar was awake before I left and said he'd get the boys downstairs to feed them.

At Tuesday Tigers, I bowled 150, 140 & 139 on a 147 average. We lost all four points, one game by only one point. Frustrating.

After bowling I finished up the shopping by doing a run at Sam's. Got home in time to feed the boys & myself lunch before taking them over to in-laws for a visit. Met a lady who has a m asters in one kind of education and is doing more work on another kind - she talked a lot, but those sort of details didn't stick - and the upshot was a book and workbook to use with Tigger and a plan to have her work with him for a session after a week o f him working with me, and I guess alternate in as much summer as we have to work with.

Not the tutoring that Flar had suggested as an alternative to repeating third grade (which I distrusted as being sufficient, with his travel plans making the summer disjoint), but more an insurance that Tigger'll be ready to excel at second grade on the second go-round. The way I see it, no matter what the work is, the more attention he gets from parental units, the better he does.

Drove B. to dialysis, then pic ked up Critter (who I'd left mowing their lawn) and drove home. Just in time to be completely blocked from entering the driveway, because the lawnmowers were there, and Flar had gotten them to move out of his way such that I couldn't get into the drivewa y from either direction.

I was further ticked at Flar because he then took a shower, so that in the small amount of time I had home: my car got to roast in the sun; I got to change into a clean shirt that was fresh enough from the dryer that it was still warm; and he got to take a refreshing shower in order to merely drop Tigger off at a birthday party. While I on the other hand was heading toward a bowling alley that had been roasting last week, at a lower outside temperature.

It's probably best that I didn't end up seeing Flar until almost 11, since I was pretty mad about his total complacency about any part he played in my being inconvenienced. He claims he wouldn't have complained about having to park out front. This from the man had them move things because he didn't want to have to back out of the driveway to use the other end. Which I had to do. Twice. But then, I had the convenience of a boy in the third row to look up the street (after we'd established which way was up - sigh) to tell me when it was clear.

I had enough time to take in the mail and drag Knight's jacket to him, notice that my skirt was 7 colors instead of 6 and be frustrated that the extra color isn't a second shade of purple, and that the skirt design isn't really flowing enough. I'm hoping to figure out reasonable changes to it, that would fix it. I'll need girly help on that.

On to bowl with The Scooby Gang. It helps that they've finally gotten the AC fixed at the bowling alley, and that we didn't have to bowl on la nes 1&2. We did have problems with the ball return, but at least no one's ball got chewed up. I bowled 148, 178 & 106, earning full credit for losing the third game by the exactly 30 pins I bowled under my average. But we took 3/4 and started the eveni ng in 2nd place, so I guess we're doing okay. And I was just all over the sheet with my performance last week.

But really, I won't feel okay until I've read/responded to all my email, and caught up on reading live journal.

Which, on the bright side, will probably imply getting the rest of the laundry run through the machines, to sort and fold tomorrow. It helps that the laundry is close enough to the computer desk to hear the dryer buzz. And that there are no steps involved. And that I have enough laundry baskets to hold it all.

I get rather cranky when I have to wait that long to read my email.

And I'm worried about Turnip.

I haven't heard from him in over two weeks, and that a rather short call to let me know that R. broke up with him, before he got a chance to break up with her. After the adventures with V. I'm just not sure what to expect from him. Okay, so he was ready to break up with R. That doesn't guarantee he's going to react well, or that she won't cause bad things to happen to him as afters. He was planning to CYA before breaking up with her, and didn't have all that complete, so there's technically potential for bad mojo. Three emails, spaced a few days apart, a phone call to home, all have gone unanswered, and then today I was so busy from one moment to the next that once it was late enough in the day for calls to PDT to be reasonable, I never had more than 5 minutes to give a phone call. Until it was probably his time with B.

Sometime LD sucks eggs.

So tomorrow afternoon I call. His cell phone. Maybe he's travelling?

While reading live journal, I found out


I act like I'm 18.
This test was brought to you by James - Part of the David and James phenomenon. Take it here.

I act like I'm 18, and yet, I frequently feel feel so much older. I guess it doesn't affect the way I act.

So, an hour and a half to read/respond to live journal, with a short interruption to talk to Flar, and a shorter interruption to talk to Wolf. That phone call started out weird, because I was in the midst of venting about my day, and feeling it all over again, and not really wanting to explain any of it, since it was all in the post I'm writing now. So, mostly "mad at Flar for trivial reasons" "worried about Turnip" and got a lecture about calling him even if I think he's busy, so I'll stop worrying, but I guess I'm still holding out for a huge chunk of time in case there's Something To Talk Ab out. And venting really did help, mind. I'm feeling way less bitchy now. Honest.

Now to read my email. Which has, of course, popped another time while I was reading/writing...

A look at where filtered mail went:

11:09 PM Messages have been filtered into the following mailboxes:
TNPoly 1
KyPolyList 1
LouisvilleMunchBunch 1
Poly 2
Chatter List 4
OVALS-submissives 2
Sydb 1

12:10 AM Messages have been filtered into the following mailboxes:
Crunchy Frog 1
Thyst-l 1

And there's 46 unread in my inbox. Not all of which are spam.

Maybe the reason I'm crabby before I read email is that I miss my daily dose of Rose is Rose (today's was particularly silly) and Cats with Hands (which just was.)

Today I got weekly web fares. Nothing spectacular betwixt here and CA, but there's low fares twixt here and Dallas, and SFO and Dallas. It'd be so cool to screw the picnic and meet Turnip there. Ha. Like that would happen.

Sounds like I've gotten some interest in Bunco. Gotta run with that.

And, two more into my inbox while still reading list mail...

And then it's done. One more check on live journal ...

And woo hoo! It only took two hours to catch up on my daily e-dose.

And Flar thinks I spend six to eight hours a day on this thing. Heh.

Night All.

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