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mini update

The sleep over, whose purpose was massive social time for Tigger and old friends and new classmates, was a rousing success.

There was much rowdiness, basketball playing, tree-house climbing, crawdad fishing, game cube and play station playing, lego construction and de-construction, board game playing, eating and running around like tiny madmen. They selected five DVDs for the quiet period of the party; Ro and I stayed up through the beginning of the second one, and then tucked ourselves into bed after sending Knight off to work with hugs and kisses.

They only woke me once during the night -- at 1:30, technically earlier than I've gone to bed at some previous parties. They only let the dogs out three times, and successfully caught Dizzy each time. Flood and Ouchy return without any effort on our part.

There are many t-shirts, many name tags, one sleeping bag, one tuck bag, one pillow, two books, a number of games and memory cards and miscellanae left behind.

The boys pitched in to clean up when requested, and I had the house back in order with about two hours of work on Monday. Critter vacuumed for me while I was at work, and I had a clean house to show off to Flar when he returned home on Tuesday.

My body continues to annoy me. My period came three days early this cycle, to ensure no home-coming nookie. Grrr. This may bode well for Brazil, however, so no more grumping.

The house, she is clean. Or rather, in that state that I can keep, with regular attention. I am caught up, or a day away from it, on eight out of nine tasks, and I've made a durable, reusable checklist for the fridge.

No work last night, and I was in bed by 11, due to extreme sleepiness. My ear is weeping again, but without pain or swelling. Time to pull out the vinegar-water and hair dryer. As per doctor's standing orders. I've blown off swimming this week due to scheduling more than the crampiness or weepy ear, but they make great alternative excuses.

Yesterday, I met Berry at Porter Memorial for a guest day at Bible Study Fellowship. I've signed up for a spot, and will join when I am placed in a discussion group. The subject this year is Acts. Mom's all pleased about me being more involved in churchy stuff. I'm happy about opportunity for worship and community.

Seeems Berry still hadn't gotten around to reading my journal yet. So yesterday at lunch, interspersed with talking about how our boys are doing in school and trading advice, Berry got a short vocab lesson, featuring polyamory and BDSM as the topics of the day.

Getting lots of quality time with Knight. Working on making sure he eats and sleeps. ;)

Last night I planned dinners for the next week. I also made a nifty checklist for the foods I'd like to keep on hand in the fridge. I used that to complete my grocery list this morning. Knight accompanied me¹ and then I put them away (excepting the sodas, that I saved for the boys to re-stock) to the B-52s. I've run two loads of laundry today, and once I finish this update, I'm going to pick up Tigger.

Busy weekend upcoming:
  • Friday
    • Make birthday cake for T
    • Help wolfwitch move
  • Saturday
    • Take Tigger to bowl
    • Help Wolfwitch move
    • Take Critter to a birthday party
  • Sunday
    • 9am Church service
    • Kissiversary recognition including
      • three writing projects
      • one craft project
      • some significant candle burning
      • a whole bunch of reading and picture browsing
[1] He was rewarded by getting to see me do a Happy Dance over (new) Sugar Free Miss Meringue cookies. bounce bounce bounce

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