Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

A brief note from utter chaos

I forgot to eat lunch.

We have 16 fourth graders and two freshmen in the house now.

They've played basketball, gotten into one fight, explored the creek, played tag in the house, gotten held hostage in Critter's room (bad Critter, no biscuit, for playing door games), sat in the jacuzzi, and placed pizza orders. We've assembled twice. Once, on the front porch, when there was a kid stranded at the creek by the horses and fear of water moccasins. The horses are present, the snakes are an active imagination. The second assembly was for the pizza orders.

We're getting six large and two medium pizzas. Ro and Knight are picking them up and coming over there to add adults to the mix.

When the last straggler gets out of the jacuzzi, I'm seriously considering capping it and mopping the jacuzzi room. Just add spritz. ;)

The front hall is full of belongings. One of the moms brought beaucoup des snacks, AND bonus, she's a psych, and is going to give me a bunch of free samples of Lexapro until I get down to Brazil to buy them for a more reasonable cost. Nifty!

Oh, and bonus, the playroom was clean before the party started, and we (Critter
and I, in turns) got the playroom, front hall, family room, back hall, master bathroom and jacuzzi room vacuumed before the party. I got three out of the four toilets washed, and the one remaining is the navy blue one, so it doesn't show as bad. ;) While I'm waiting for Ro and Knight to show up, I'm clearing off the day or so worth of accumulation from the kitchen table, and grabbing a snack.

Lessee, currently we have Cartoon Network watcher in the jacuzzi, Game Cube players in the family room, tree lovers on Tigger's proto-treehouse (the platform is finished), Play Station players in the play room, and someone drumming in the library.

I think Critter is hiding in his room right now. We've been communicating via cell phone. ;) And now to switch this computer back to guest mode.

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