Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

My Day

Got a late start -- which is going to bite tomorrow, when I have to actually get UP in the morning.

But once I got going, I feel like I accomplished bunches. I honestly think it helps to be able to complete the crossword with no cross-outs, to get my mind moving.

Got the kitchen back to "only dishes" then I set remote unit #2 (Tigger) to doing the handwash. First round generated greasy-to-the-touch plastics; I found out he wasn't using a sponge. Got him to treat them like glasses, and the results were excellent. But it took him a while, and for some reason he wanted to shower when he was done.

Meanwhile, I got out the Rainbow and vacuumed the kitchen and started hauling stuff around in the jacuzzi room and vacuuming in there. Drained the jacuzzi, which is leaking. Got a call from the spa place - they had a cancellation and can look at it Wednesday, rather than a week from tomorrow, but I should probably drain it. Go me.

Both floors still need mopping, but the vacuuming, as usual, did wonders, as did putting much of the jacuzzi room back to rights. Found that HotCC did indeed leave a dryer-load of clothes behind, rewashed the towels that were started for me a week ago, washed another load of towels with bleach (these had been variously outside in the mud or in the dog crate or used to clean who-knows-what), and have a load of whites in the washer now -- Tigger announced he was out of underwear.

Then I bullied the household into helping me get my shopping list in order, then rifled for coupons, and *crowning touch* cajoled Flar into accompanying me to the store. He remembered three or four items that I'd forgotten, and approved the purchase of two pitchers to go with the supply of Kool-Aid that i bought the boys. But he got antsy when I was contemplating the sweetener choices. We've got the granulated, measures like sugar stuff at home, but I'm hoping it'll take less than a cup to get it sweet enough for them. I may still end up with the "for recipes" stuff as it measures smaller, and theoretically a heaping coffee measure would be as sweet as a cup of sugar.

Flar helped me carry everything in, then I put it all away while he went to check email. Which means he's probably already snoring away in bed while I check mine and then shut down.

Tomorrow I bowl. And then finish out the shopping, at Sam's. And then take the boys over to my in-laws.

We ate dinner over there tonight. A really yummy dinner of grilled chicken tenderloins (tasty, not dry!), mac'n'cheese, veggie casserole, grands biscuit and fruit'n'jello. With cookies and cream frozen pie for dessert. There was also applesauce, and Tigger cleaned his plate -- a rarity for him.

I found out tonight that my mother-in-law is lonely. She hasn't really kept up social connections, and now that she's unable to drive, and barely able to walk, she doesn't get out. So she resents the time that my father-in-law spends away from her, down in the basement.

I need to bring the boys over to visit more often.

And I've been thinking. My friend L. at bowling has been mildly interested in starting a Bunco group. I think if we really do it, I should see if my mother-in-law wants to join us.

I hate being lonely. And I guess I can't stand the thought of not trying to do something about it when someone I know *is* lonely. Even it's someone I really wouldn't choose to hang out with myself.

After taking B. to dialysis, I'll be heading home to change and get back to the bowling alley. Bowling twice in a day is so insane. But it makes it very thoroughly *my* day, rather than another day as mom and housewife.

Time for zees.

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