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Summary of the weekend and a tad beyond

By the end of the long weekend, I had caught up on everything on my Caught Up Checklist, except for sinks/toilets, and I've done 1 out of 4 of those (2 out of 5, if you count the bidet as a toilet, and remember there are two sinks in the master bath).

We've got the jacuzzi room, kitchen and dining room clean.

There are one more load of "extra" bedding to wash, and all the delicates, then I'll be completely caught up on laundry.

Tigger spent Saturday night with T, then brought him home for Sunday night.

I went to church by myself Sunday morning, but didn't stay long. Critter talked me into a very lazy day of rest on Sunday.

Monday, I picked up Knight and Ro at the airport, and I got to spend lots of TV and snuggle time with them.

Today, I screwed up in the morning and forgot my cell phone (comes of wearing pants with no pockets, I swear!). Which means I missed LaDonna's call that she was too sick to bowl, which made us late for bowling. But our opponents were patient. They could afford to be, they whipped us but good, only allowing us one game. And they did it by bowling really well. Arg. I can't find where I put the score sheet -- but I calculated that I raised my average to 153 this week.

After bowling, I deposited a check, picked up lunch for me, then tucked Knight into bed for the day, snuggling with him for an episode of Monk first, then leaving to go to Sayre.

Today was the organizational meeting for chess club. We signed up with our email addresses for the organizing parent to use for communications, and talked about how, when and where. The club is completely parent-run, with no apparent teacher sponsor. We get use of the playground or the Buttery (in bad weather). There is a chess coach to instruct the kids, a man who is active in KCA, that I've met at many local tournaments. He recognized Tigger. :) I'm looking forward to being involved, and not in charge. :)

I got a call from Opman late in the afternoon, and ended up going in to work tonight. Details got the job at CKBC, so I'll be finding out in the next couple of weeks what that will mean for me, in terms of hours.

Critter and Tigger got a start on the dining room today, so my plan for tomorrow is:
  • Take Tigger to school
  • Swim
  • Deposit a check
  • Catch Up
  • Do another extra load of laundry
  • Clean the dining room
  • Do menu and grocery list planning
  • Pick up Tigger
  • Work

Bed now.

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