Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

that headachy thang

dang it. I thought it was gone and it's back again. I'm in the headachy stage of this cold, and I hate it. I've been waking with a headache that recedes during the day, but today it hung on longer, and it's already back. feh.

Sometimes I think people can read more about me in Sydb's journal than in mine.

I'm still working on cleaning the kitchen. I don't really count today -- about the only thing almost productive that I did was clip coupons - and I'm weeks behind. So tomorrow will make day 4 of cleaning the kitchen. But it's down to dishes, so the task shouldn't swallow the whole day, and I should be able to start putting the jacuzzi room back to rights. Of a sort. There's a leak that needs to be seen to, and they can't send anyone out until a week from Tuesday. So I need to find a saner way to organize what can't be in its normal place, and actually have room to work on laundry.

Tried out the Ya-Ya Sisterhood name generator. First pass gave "Viscountess Shops Too Much" which, based on recent party orders, I don't think any of my friends would agree with. Giving it a bit more detail (full first name, middle name) yielded "Empress Crying Moon."

I think I kind of like that, as there's a wolfy tie-in for anything about the moon.

I'm pushing the whole late summer bedtime thang, so I'll hie me off to sleep now.

Maybe tomorrow will be more productive *and* more philosophical for journalling.

Gonna ponder when "favorite" can be such a sad/scary word.

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