Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Shameless self-promotion

I just upgraded the kitchen computer. I'm having fun with Panther, enjoying the increased memory, etc. etc. I really meant it when I told Flar I probably wouldn't want a new computer in the kitchen for another three to four years.

So why does the new G5 iMac ad have My Birthday plastered all over it as a deadline?

I'm just sayin' it's not on my birthday list. If anyone wants to throw away a couple thou' on me, I'd rather have an X-compatible powerbook. It doesn't need to be the latest. I'd just like it to be able to run panther.... ;)

Seriously, if you are actually considering buying me a present, and have no clue, please talk to knightaudit. He and Flar are coordinating a group gift of what I want this year. And it's not a new computer.
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