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Up incredibly late

I took a nap at work. Literally laid my head down on my desk like a kindergartner, set my PDA to go off when the Image Processing estimated it would be done, and proceeded to REM up some extra go-to-it.

I stayed up late last night, to finish updating Quicken for Flar. This morning I ran errands for him, and picked up some groceries. I had time for reading LJ and email, and eating lunch and even took a bubble-bath.

When I got home from picking up Tigger, I was sleepy and lay down for a nap, content that I'd done all but burn a picture CD for Flar and make the invitations for Tigger. Opman woke me from my nap. Foo. Ra thought I wouldn't have to come in tonight. Oh well, I got a nice big paycheck for my effort.

I'm copying the pictures over here to burn while I write this. Burning the CD, then going to bed.

"Tomorrow," I get up at 4:30am with Flar, drive him to the airport, nap, fix breakfast for the boys and drive Tigger to Sayre, then come home and crash. I have to make the invitations tomorrow, but that will be my only productive thing between school runs. Then work tomorrow night.

On my way to work tonight, I remembered Knight's card. He forgot to pick it up before I drove them to the airport, for me to give to Flar. It's for his SO in Brazil, where Flar is headed so very early in the morning. I remembered the card because I was having the bland meat loaf for dinner and forgot to bring cheese for it. I remembered that, between my house and Knight's, so I stopped in on my way. And proceeded to give heart checks to both Starmaiden and She_Who_Smiles_Down. I usually remember to announce myself when I let myself in. Sigh. Stole cheese, got the card.

Dinner was good. Meat loaf is yummy with cheese. Asparagus and cherry tomatoes. Hummus and carrots. I could chew the carrots without pain - yay!

Still an achy pain in my jaw/cheek area from my ear, though. Flar thinks I should use the evil drops until they're gone, like the Cipro. The drops weren't as painful tonight, perhaps because I was prepared to process the pain. Getting better at handling acute, non-recreational pain. Not quite making it recreational, but definitely experiencing the ecstasy.

Details enjoyed my story about the spider. We both laughed at how silly I probably looked. We decided that, like everything tastes better with cheese (or peanut butter), everything is sillier naked. :)

Details trained me on one of her regular jobs tonight. She's interviewing elsewhere tomorrow, and really needs a job with more hours, so if they offer, she'll probably leave. In the short term, that will mean lots more hours for me. Don't know if we'll try to replace Details unless work picks up, though.

I feel like I should be rooting for her to get this job, but I'll miss her company in the evenings.

Burning the CD now. I likes OS X interfaces, I does I does.

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