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okay, spiders are scary

I just got through taking a bath. Bathing until the earache is gone. I decided to try Veet. I bought the starter pack that came with the nifty plastic blade. It worked a treat. My legs are nice and smooth.

The process involved getting in the tub while it was empty, smoothing the gel-foam over my legs, and waiting. Sorta spraddled legged, cause I wasn't interested in doing my bikini area myself. -- Gonna get help with that from eyes that won't have to peer past my belly. ;)

A spider "came outta nowhere." It wasn't the usual big black kind that look like the halloween rings. It was very active. And the first thought that came to my mind was, not letting it get me there! Now, I usually just stomp on spiders and go on, no fuss. But here I was, naked, with it "coming right for me" as they said on South Park. I imagine I looked quite silly, slip-sliding up off the bare tub. I grabbed the hand-shower and kept it at bay with the hot water, then used a washcloth to squoosh/imprison it. Later, when my bath was complete and I was draining the tub, I washed it completely down the drain.

Knight called me during my bath. Total coincidence, but a pleasant one. We talked a good while, and I learned I could add water during the call using the hand-shower, with far less noise than the waterfall spigot. When I described the spider to him, he told me it was a brown recluse. Ew. Nasty spiders. Hates 'em.

But now I'm all sparkly clean and smooth, with my not-quite-nasty-yet hair twirled into submission by two hair-sticks. I'm ready to have lunch, start folding laundry, then head out to car-line.

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