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very quick update

I'm no longer in excruciating pain.

Okay, so I didn't let it get excruciating. I called for an appointment when it was insanely ticklish. Last night I had difficulty chewing. This morning I didn't eat until after I saw the doctor.

He did the blood sugar today so I don't have to go back tomorrow.

The numbers:

Weight, in knit pants-outfit and sandals: 205.5
BP: 102/70
Blood Sugar: 95

He's happy with the numbers. Predicts I'll be able to go off the water pills (as he calls the diuretic), if I continue losing weight and exercising.

He prescribed cortizone drops for my ear, which will reduce the swelling and allow drainage. He prescribed Cipro to prevent an inner ear infection, since I have a flap in my tympanic membrane. I'm to call my ear doctor if I don't feel substantially improved by tomorrow. I'm to use the damn vinegar and water when my ear Feels Fine.

Didn't go water-walking today. Napped with Knight, and got him to drop me. Got him to bite me, but we're still working on leaving welts. Doesn't hurt yet. But it leaves a pretty mark. And the sucking feeling good.

Need to write about Berry. I'm not her project; new friends are golden.

Something has happened that has me very distracted.

The goody-goody-two shoes in me has me writing email to verify that it wasn't a mistake. The opportunist in me read 20 entries, clicked on a bunch of them for comments, clicked through to I think it was 55 entries ago to catch up, then minimized the whole tabset for continued reading after the goody-goody-two shoes lets her.

And now I'm off to pay bills, and then work tonight.

NIce to know the tabset will still be around tomorrow morning before bowling.

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