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Stolen Interview

These were questions asked of cougarpants by darkwolf69 in an interview, but I liked them, so I've scooped them up for myself.

1) How many states have you lived in? (Thinking outside the box is
  acceptable here.)

One: Ecstacy

The rest is merely existence.

2) Name a skill that few people are aware that you're proficient in.

I think whistling through my left ear is more of an ability than a skill.


housework and organization - I'm actually quite good at this, but my house doesn't show it, because I give it such low priority.

3) What's your biggest hope for the future?

To be free of certain shackles.

4) Do you regret? If so, what's one of your biggest regrets. If not, why?


Not doing something about my mood swings sooner.

5) What's in a name?

A key to a grouping of attitudes, thoughts, emotions and appearances that roll together into one coherent being.

I only found Audrey's name scant days ago.
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