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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Using a real client again
It's so cool to use a computer that I can expect to run software without crashing.

Putting music back into my life.


Catching up on the house.

Filling my schedule more densely again.

Feeding Audrey.

There is more to her diet than sex, there is beauty and exertion and accomplishment and caring for others.

Critter went on a date yesterday, with a babe. Turns out we know her family - her dad is the artisan that laid tile in our bathroom, jacuzzi room and kitchen; they live down the street from us. They ride the school bus together now, are both freshmen, but don't share any classes. They agreed to bike together on Marshall Branch. Critter showed up too early, and rode by himself. Babe rang our bell later in the afternoon. I saved his dinner for him, while he rode again, this time at her side.

Getting used to working full hours and waking on a school schedule. Today, it involved a two hour nap. Fitting the rest of the day into the hours left will be tricky, but exhilarating.