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A Quiz

Saw this first in Sydb's journal, but Kittybane reminded me of it.

1. What's the story behind your LJ username?
Master calls me little one. I was starting a livejournal to read Master's and Lady's journal, so I wanted Little One. It was taken, so I loo ked around for synonyms. I found minikin, liked the meaning, and took it. And since then, found that I really like seeing myself referred to as minikin.

2. Have you ever had a makeover?
Once. I wasn't much impressed with it.

3. Name all member of the Beatles.
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr & George Harrison. And before Ringo, there was another guy. I can remember that his name was Best, cause a friend of mine has his album: "Best, of the Beatles."

4. What's the longest time you've stay ed out of the country/where?
Okay, so we moved to Iceland when I was little enough that time has little meaning. I'm pretty sure I went to third grade there. I think we were there a little over a year, summer to summer.

5. One thing you're grateful fo r, today.
Caffeine. I woke with this tremendous headache, but I'm pretty sure it's from taking too much excedrin, so I'm avoiding dosing it. Diet Dr. Pepper is helping a little. I hope that by the time I finish reading/writing email/livejournal, that m y headache will have subsided enough for me to eat breakfast.

6. What is your favourite high school memory?
Favorite is difficult to choose. So I'll go with "most vivid:" I think I'm going to come down on "watching Pyscho in a gymful of girls, looked i n overnight." Think screaming and hardwood floor. Okay, so maybe the headache inspired this memory.

7. Describe your dream wedding?
About like we had. Frothy dresses, Morning suits, a cake taller than the groom, flowers, dancing, good friends...

8. M y first heartbreak happened when I was...
Young enough that I don't remember my age. He told me that what he felt for me was four letters, starting with l, ending in e. I passed him a note in class that I loved him too, and he laughed at me. It was a w hile before I realized that "like" fit the riddle just as well as "love."

9. What do you plan to do this summer?
Clean house. Help Sydb and Wolf with their baby. Finish a web site. Maybe start a long-term cross-stitch project.

10. What is your favo urite song right now?
Changes too often, but yesterday, a conversation reminded me of "Elvis is Evervywhere."

11. Write a line from any song.
Elvis is in Joan Rivers, but he's trying to get out!

12. Describe your dream house.
This one, when it's finished. Oddly, there are features about it that are similar to a house that used to show up in my dreams regularly. Before this one is my dream house, the library must be finished, and the front hall and guest room. Then we do the nifty outdoor pool with a waterfall and spa.

13. Your typical sleepwear.
Usually naked, but I have this nifty purple sleeper that disturbs people who don't like Barney.

14. What's in your wallet?
Fresh out of cash in the folding money zipper, but I've over $2 in change in the co ins zipper. I'm not currently collecting anything in the collections zipper. I've got a debit card, gas credit card, paid-monthly credit card, emergency credit card, kroger card, cvs card, sam's card, blockbuster card, and some other card I used recentl y and didn't return to my card storage case after I used it.

15. How much money do you have in your wallet right now?
A little less than $3 in coins.

16. Tell us about any of your birthdays.
For my 40th birthday, Flar threw me a big-deal party, got baby pictures from my mom, and invited tons of people. To the bowling alley. Kind of like a kiddie party, only with pizza catered by the owner, and artificial fog and lights and loud music.

I liked the bother, but the music made me agitated.

17. What are the first five things you would splurge on if you were a billionaire?

Pay off our debt, including the mortgages.
Pay off our friends' debts, including mortgages.
Talk to Wolf and Sydb about what they want in a bigger house, and where.
Do that.
Finish the house.
Pay a professional to file all the stuff I've been stuffing in boxes and bags, waiting for when I have the time to do it right.
Pay R. to train my dogs.

18. What is your daily before-going-to-bed ritual?
last check on email/livejournal, shutdown the computer. Get water and a soda, book, pee, wash, brush my teeth, take my meds, undress, (put on pjs when it's cold), read the book while drinking the soda until I'm sleepy. Some nights I finish the water before I fall asleep.

19. What is the weir dest/funniest nickname anyone has ever called you?
Most people who hear Flar call me Debbie-Doodle think it's pretty funny. He learned it from my dad.

20. Name three of your favourite cartoon characters.
I haven't been watching them in too long. I've been reading strip comics, though: Rose of Rose is Rose; Evil Vampire Willow (there's on online strip)

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