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A brief summing up

Still getting over Wolf. Happy currently. Feeling really good about Flar and Knight and Ro and well, life.


First week of bowling in Tuesday Tigers, my only league this year. My entering average, the final from last year, was 139. I bowled 136, 167 & 151 for a 454 series. Woot! Of course, my current league average is now 151, but it's nice to have solid goals, eh?

Knight worked Monday night, but he got home early enough that I could pick him up on my way. We picked up LaDonna, then got a call from Grace.

Grace was sick, so she didn't bowl. We had pre-arranged for Tigger and T to play at the bowling alley, so I picked up T on our way. T and Tigger bowled three game alongside our lanes.

We've been The Scooby Gang for years, but Buffy is over, and my shirt is wearing out. Knight has agreed to The Sleepy Heads, if Grace does. She was too sleepy when we returned T, for it to be right to ask her then.

After dropping off T and LaDonna, we went to Sam's, and the allergist, and Appleby's for lunch. And then, because he could, Knight bought me bright sparklies at Dandelion beads. I got supplies for a new keychain dangly (and I shall let Knight stew over what the letters stand for - it should be obvious. ;), and for a reading glasses necklace. Gonna work on those, then get back to the belt, in style. ;)

I dropped off Knight, then picked up some essentials at Kroger. By the time I got home, Critter had beat me home from school. And Tigger had been a real trooper, being away from home all day.

We had London Broil for dinner and this time the mashed cauliflower was the consistency of potatoes. It's amazing how much of the flavor of baked potatoes is in the cream and butter... We had roast vegetable leftover from the night before, and watched Spaced Invaders with dinner.

I finally got around to playing with my new visor last night. It hotsynced without a hitch, and then I worked on whittling down what I really wanted to include in my calendar, to start. I've got all of that loaded, with very few old events for record-keeping, and a few current appointments. Today I need to enter the school calendars. Yay for a current calendar, bereft of reminders of regular dates I no longer keep!


Monday was Critter's first day of high school. The entire family got up with him and waited on the front porch for the school bus. :) I took our traditional pictures of Critter on the first day of school, then Flar decided that we needed a picture of him getting on the school bus for the first time in his life. Critter cleverly boarded the bus screened from our view by a bush. :)

Critter's bus comes at 7:30, and he gets deposited at home by 4:30 in the afternoon. It's a slightly longer day than he had when I picked him up from TLS - we could usually depending on getting home before 4.

But, it's more than made up for, by the muchly reduced homework load. Perhaps that will pick up as the school year progresses. Critter's biggest challenge with be the Cisco networking course. He's enjoying all of his classes, so far.

Monday morning was my first swimming workout. I went with Flar, and we shared a lane for swimming laps. He has a longer workout than I do, but I filled in time by doing leg-lifts in the water (ouch, on Tuesday). I swam half a mile, alternating between freestyle and breast-stroke, and then finishing with one lap of butterfly. I need to improve that stroke, though.

Knight spent much of the day with me, but I haven't the foggiest what we did, beyond that I really wanted a nap, and by the time I lay down with him for one, Critter arrived home.

Let's see, I spent some of the time cooking. I spent some of the time loading Portuguese language lessons on my MP3 player. My new visor came, and I plugged it in to charge up.

I worked on Monday night, and got there by 6pm. I used up all the work by 11pm, with time to walk about and listen to all the introductory course material and Unit One: "I don't understand Portuguese." "I understand a little Portuguese." (I can say these in Portuguese now, but I don't know how to spell much. :)

While I was at work, Wolf called me. The phone call was about returning something to me. I should really have begged off after we settled that. The rest of the phone call was idle chitchat, but it was the idle chitchat that was more responsible for putting them back into my head, more than just the phone call.


I talked to Turnip on the way home from work. He's doing well. Wheels has succeeded in finding a woman crazier than either of Turnip's recent girlfriends, which seemed to amuse him. Or, maybe he was just relieved it wasn't him. He considers me one of his sanest partners ever. I think he pretty much pulled that out of me, since I have great capacity for madness. ;)

I was wonderfully sleepy at bedtime, then I couldn't sleep, for thinking of Wolf and Sydb. blech. Got up, wrote, chatted, got poked by Brad, found other ways to trap my mind, and went back to bed.

Tuesday morning, Flar said that he's really enjoyed "having me back." He seemed relieved that my inability to sleep the night before wasn't dragging out into the morning. And, really, I arrived at the bowling alley in a very good mood. :)


I got to spend time with Ro on Sunday. She came over and hung out with me while I washed dishes and directed the boys, who were clearing off the kitchen table. While I was dressing, she even swept the floor. That was really cool, so that we got the kitchen very spiffy looking.

After that, we went over to her house and watched TV together. Knight was out walking when we got there, and had just called home to try to track down a missed phone call. When he found out we were home, he begged a ride back to the house from Kittybane. That was so cute. :)

I worked on Critter's belt, while we watched Monk and Big Brother 5 and Dead Like Me. I heart Monk. Dead Like Me looks like a pretty good series, too.

Then we were off to the movies, to watch Naked Brad Pitt er, I mean Troy: The Cliff Notes version: how to do the battle in less than two weeks. It was fun to be on a date with Ro, fun to watch the men in skirts (love that Trojan royal tie-dye), and then it was time to get home and to bed.


Critter enticed me out of bed in the morning with breakfast. Yum. :) :)

Then I took Critter to The Eye of the Needle to pick out a new belt. He chose a train, which was the motif of his old belt. We had them take out the John Deere tractors from the flat-bed, and put his initials there, and I plan to rechart the car the says "Chessie" so that it reads "Cheese."

After that, we traded used ink for paper (I couldn't believe I'd been in there thrice for school supplies and not remembered to get the ream of paper), and picked up a bunch of stuff at Kroger.

Once we returned to the house, Critter and I took the dogs for a walk on Marshall Branch. Flood needs a runner to walk her. :) A 25 minute walk was much more strenous up and down the hills of the road than my usual jaunts around the office.

I showered and changed, and hung out with Flar a bit while I fixed some food for then and for later. We made out a list of what to pack in the cooler, and then I scampered over to Knight's with Critter. We watched StarGate and some other stuff, and then after Ro got back from her massage, we met Flar at Lonestar for dinner before the movie. No Balsamic Chicken after all -- it was a nice break from all the food prep, and totally on the diet. :)

We drove out to Winchester Drive-In for a double feature of Princess Diaries 2 and The Village. Flar wanted to go in two cars so he could leave before the second feature started. We found a reasonable spot in the third row for us to park side-by-side for the first movie. Then, after people cleared out between movies, Knight found us a spot in the center front for the second movie.

M. Night Shyamalan movie about a clearing in the woods, watched in a clearing in the woods. I suspected the "twist" before it was revealed, but I appreciated the execution of it. Good movie. Biscuit.

We got home late enough that church the next morning seemed unlikely. Good call, there.

And now, needs must get in gear. Quick breakfast, swimming, groceries, unpack, laundry to fill extra time, then wake Knight for a 12:30 showing of Yu-Gi-Oh with Tigger.

I have to be at work early tonight: 4pm, in order to be trained on prep for a job. Then whatever indexing they have lying around, followed by prep until 1am. Ooh, the exciting life of an unusual housewife. :)

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