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abridged natter
Almost down to 200! I'll be crowing when I'm clearly below. :)

Off to the post office, then the Eye of the Needle.

I've a craft project in my future whose product is acutely wanted by my number one son.

Troy tomorrow...

De Lovely, at Man-O-War, when Spydie and I get together on a time/place.

Yu-Gi-Oh, during school hours, cause Tigger isn't in class yet.

The Drive In tonight!!

(With Balsamic Chicken as a picnicer treat... Ooh, won't we be fancy.)

Thinking about a bubblebath this afternoon.

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I took Kelsey to see Yu Gi Oh yesterday, totally expecting to be bored...but even I got sucked in by the ancient Egyptian stuff. I have the worst feeling that I'll be watching it with him now on tv....

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