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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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And it will be just f**king weird, if Flar and I end up going to a leather event together.

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Cause Flar and I come to leather from totally different directions. Flar has a company which makes custom leather clothing, he has successfully marketed to the leather community in the past, and that's the reason he would be going to an upcoming event in Columbus.

I'm a rather heavy bottom and submissive, fresh out of a long-term Ds relationship. My ex was only mildly interested in public events, something I dearly loved and craved. We went to a munch together, along with his wife, who didn't care for the crowd. Not due to issues with BDSM necessarily, just a personality clash thing. Opportunities for play parties came up but never materialized for one reason or another. One of the reasons to avoid the most recent opportunity we considered was that Flar would be there, selling leather.

And then there's Turnip, with whom I've mutually agreed to take sex and BDSM out of our relationship. We've something of a more than friends long-distance life-partners things there still somehow, oddly. I think we went to exactly one party together, but I remember it with much fondness.

And all the times I've had opportunity for public play, I've relished.

But we're thinking, cautiously, about the idea of me attending said event in Columbus, with Flar, perhaps to help by modelling. Thinking about it right now tends to mostly inspire melancholy.

Don't know if I'd be up for any kind of play -- that's the sort of thing I only expect if I bring a play partner, and Flar wouldn't be that...

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