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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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nice day
I appear to already be losing weight, just cutting way back on carbs and sugars in advance of starting the diet. Woot!

Church service was worship and message; a message which seemed very relevant to me. God appears to be putting me where I need to be. I am blessed to have found Berry and this church. I even met four people today. Time will tell if I remember names and faces.

After church, I came home and fixed asparagus omelets for Flar and me, and a ham and cheese omelet for Critter. Flar added a stop at Kroger to his errands yesterday, to pick up two pounds of asparagus for me. And they had the teeny skinny stalks that I love, that are so tender. I used a half-pound between the omelets, and steamed to eat with the omelets. And decided that wasn't really even for two people, when they're this yummy.

After lunch, Flar took a short nap while I caught up on email and LJ and chatted a bit with Ro. Then I dragged him to the club to sign me up and swim. Only, the pool was closed for maintenance and the salesman needed to verify the cost with someone who wasn't there. He'd have been happy to give me a temporary card -- he just didn't want to charge up the wrong amount today. Since I only want to swim, I declined the card. We're going back sometime this week to sign paperwork.

After that, Flar and I grocery shopped together. I wanted him along to help pick out the meat, and help decide about all the weird vegetables. I peppered the produce guy with questions about where things are, that I don't usually buy. Like pine nuts.

When we got home, the boys carried in the groceries while I put it all away. There is now produce in three drawers and on three shelves in the fridge. Twill be interesting finding anything.

While I don't ordinarily believe in having the "last meal" thing before a diet, I got to thinking about it. We had a bbq-marinated pork tenderloin sitting in the fridge that we wouldn't be using for the diet this week. And honestly, the yummiest way to eat that was going to be cooked, then drenched in bbq sauce for sandwiches. Matt fixed dinner for us, including baked beans as a side dish. Not very Phase 1, but passably Phase 2 South Beach, with fiber in the beans.

During dinner, we watched the first two hours of Babylon 5. Then I washed dishes to Bound. Flar got the boys to help him clear of the jacuzzi, and he's soaking. The pH is a little high, though, which makes the air harder to breathe, so I bowed out tonight.

I just took spinach quiches out of the oven for breakfast tomorrow -- and snackies during the week; the recipe serves six.

Gonna catch up on LJ then head to bed.

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You go girl with losing weight!! : ) ...maybe part of that loss comes from being happier? Good luck!!

Wow, I hadn't thought of that, but you may be right.

or, it could just be getting sex again, part of the source of being happier.

Ha ha, yeah it could be that too! : ) ha ha ha

Denise and I have been watching B5 about one or two episodes per week. What do you think so far? Have you had previous exposure to the show?

Here's a site you may find interesting: http://www.midwinter.com/lurk/lurker.html
This is the "Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5". It has character profiles, episode guides, making of information, etc.; just about anything there is to know about the show.

I watched it realtime, but I don't remember the wrap-up stuff. I'm looking forward to watching it again with Critter.

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