Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

good day - bad day

I like leading with the good news.

Tigger doesn't need glasses anymore, woot!

The bad news is really not so much news, since I've been expecting it.

But damn, I was really hoping to fend it off for a few more years.

I went into my doctor's office to talk about my blood pressure. He agreed that I should be put on medication, and he also recommended, since "eating less and getting more exercise" isn't producing noticeable results, that I go on the South Beach Diet. And then (seemingly out of nowhere), he ordered a finger stick to check my blood sugar level.

Now okay, I could have had a nice breakfast of cheese-eggs this morning, but no; I had indulged myself with a combination bowl of Golden Crisp (the last of the box) and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. In whatever units that 125 would have been an acceptable high, I tested at 148.

So I went in expecting blood pressure medication, and walked out with prescriptions for a diuretic, potassium, a strong recommendation to go on the South Beach Diet, and an appointment to come back in a month for a re-test of my blood pressure, and another finger stick, this time for a fasting blood sugar level.

Okay, technically, this isn't the official "you have diabetes" bell tolling, but it means it's closer. It means the lip service I've been giving to "gotta lose weight; gotta get more fit" for my health is ever more urgent.

And, except when I've been pregnant, this is the first time I've actually had a doctor throw a diet recommendation at me. He says this is a good choice for pre-diabetics, since it cuts out concentrated sugars and lowers carbohydrate intake. I haven't read the book, so I don't know the whole picture yet.

Flar says it will cost an additional $25/month to add me to his club membership so that I can swim. Currently, his dad is paying for his club membership. I'm not sure how we'll handle payment - start paying the whole thing, pay the difference, or hey, his dad might even pick up the difference. But, I think we're going to arrange it, and I'm going to start swimming as my workout.

It's no worse for my ear than shampooing my hair. :P

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